Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Balancing act (that’s out of balance)

    Recent polls indicate Congressional approval ratings have dropped to the lowest point ever (8% to 10% +/-).  These polls have been used as an excuse for the President to push his agendas by edict.  They have been used by Harry Reid to call for procedural changes within the Senate (the same changes he vehemently argued against a few years back).  When pressed, most who disapprove of Congresses job performance are unable to differentiate between the Senate and the House of Representatives let alone name their Representatives.  On the other hand, of the people polled that did know the names of their Representatives, they approved of their members of Congress by 62%+.
    This leads to a bit of a disconnect, a bit of an imbalance,  if the citizens of any given area approve of their representation and continue to re-elect the same individuals every 2 or 6 years what change do they expect to see (I guess they just don’t like anyone else having Rep’s).  It seems that the citizenry of the Nation has lost site of the purpose of the branches and levels of government and the balance needed between them to be effective.  The people of the United States are looking for cures to local ills to come from the federal level.  A one size fits all fixes but consider this, rules and regulations that may be quite appropriate and beneficial for a major hospital in Los Angeles CA. when its servicing thousands of patients a day aren’t necessarily going to be workable at the health clinic in Cloversport KY. that may only see 30 patients a day.  Yet Congress has passed a law that doesn’t differentiate (and now the cracks are starting to develop). 
    Excluding the extensively publicized “Gridlock” in congress, when asked what people dislike about congress overall the answer is “The Pork” or special favors jammed into bills by members for their home districts… then asked what they like about their representatives… “They bring home the BACON”. 
    Myself I’m content with the gridlock, the debate, the inaction at the Federal level, the things that affect me and those around me need to be addressed at the local level.  The industry, the careers, the job opportunities in this region require certain skills that may not be needed in a place like Chicago or San Francisco but with the push for common core, another top down “one size fits all” initiative, it appears needed skills are not being taught.  A quick example, consider the performance of 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel during her time on the witness stand and her later revealed twitter comments.  It has been reported this September she will be a senior at Miami Norland High School… clearly by her own admission she is unable to read cursive writing, the tweets she sent out were peppered with spelling errors and her command of verbal skills speaks for its self.  Basically her reading, writing and communication skills fail to come up to 4th grade level yet she has been moved along under the previously government mandated/funded (and teacher union approved) system and at least 2 years of Common Core.  Instead of marching on the streets for what happened to one youth, parents should be marching against what is being done to all their children daily.  Some may be thinking I’m being a bit harsh on young Ms. Jeantel… I don’t mean to be, I think the school system owes her an apology, the taxpayers a refund and the administrators some jail time for fraud.  In 2010 Mr. Jason Zimba (One of the architects of common core) admitted the goal is to “prepare each student for entry level jobs” (Pizza Hut) or for a “community college with non-selective entrance requirements…”  They expect this low bar goal to make us competitive in the world?       
    The ills of the nation will never be cured at the Federal level by passing another all inclusive, over stuffed bill or an agency distributing pages of rules and regulations meant to foresee every circumstance or predict every variable from coast to coast or southern border to northern border or from city to cornfield.  We have enough (more than enough) laws, rules and regulations to take care of our national interest (if they would be enforced as intended).  Thus far the shining light for the governments prescribed cure is a 45% increase in temporary help services accompanied by a 32% increase in welfare enrollment, it appears the ointment is worse than the rash.  Soon welfare recipient will top the list of fastest growing professions, our national product… DEPENDENCY.  The health clinic prohibited from providing for the needs of the local community, the young adult incapable of taking advantage of opportunities, the faceless name on a welfare check… all just statics to be shuffled from column to column by an out of touch and unconcerned federal bureaucracy, the cure will have to come at the state level, the county, the city level, or maybe from your own yard.
Time to bring balance back to the system
If you’re thinking young Ms. Jeantel may be an exception… think again, it seems she fits into the median range of her school.  Fair… or not she will be the face of Florida’s education system for the next few years… maybe the Nations.
A little background on Miami Norland High School achievement scores.
Above Basic Standard                    Basic Standard                   Below Standard
Reading:                          23%                                                     39%                                        38%
Math:                                13%                                                     37%                                        50%
Note: “Basic Standard” means only partial knowledge of subject… Are They Kidding, not even a working knowledge of a subject?  Is this the one size fits all plan of Common Core?  If Eric Holder wants to investigate a crime in Florida… skip Zimmerman and head for the schools.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Got No Dog in the Hunt

    Let me get this straight, somehow I’m to blame for what happened in Sanford Florida, the altercation, the shooting, the trial, the verdict… 

    It starts with a black youth (more like young man) walking through a Sanford FL. neighborhood when he noticed a Latin man keeping an eye on him (I don’t live in Sanford, I’m not a youth, Black or Latin… No Dog).  Then after speaking to a girl on the phone, the young man decided to confront the Latin man, suggested possibly because of some delusional homophobic rage (still no dog, I’m not black, Latin, a girl, young or homosexual).  Oblivious to situational awareness and his own limitations the Latin man was transformed from an observer to a victim of a homophobic beating (a hate crime perpetrated by the youth, still not me).  During the beating the Latin man draws a gun and shoots the young black man before the police arrive, when the police do arrive they look over the area, take statements from witnesses and judge it to be a case of self-defense (I didn’t strike anybody, draw a gun, witness the altercation, take or make any statements… my dog is still on the front porch).

    That should have been the end of the story… a sound bite on the local evening news and a few paragraphs in the local morning paper but that’s it as sad as it may be, after all this is a daily, even an hourly occurrence in a city like Chicago.  But that wasn’t the end of it, for some reason this story had legs; the story began to spread and pick up momentum, mostly because of the Latin man’s last name, Zimmerman… The first reports I had heard were that a “Black child had been gunned down by a white man in small Florida town”.  The story traveled all the way to the White House where it was picked up by Obama (another crises to exploit).  Obviously as the story traveled it wasn’t accompanied by any pictures, imagine the surprise when the black child turned out to be a young man that had instigated the physical violence and the white man was actually a Latin man that was getting a beating.  But it was already too late, Obama along with the national press had set the “Race Hatred” machine in motion the press began describing Mr. Zimmerman as the “White-Latino Shooter” as our… White-Black President adopted young Mr. Martin as one that could have been his own son.  (Although I write a few little stories, I’m not a member of the press, I’m not the White-Black President, I’m not a part of the race hatred machine… me and the dog are just sitting here, sun beaming down, another sip of iced tea).

    The race hatred machine is a hungry beast it wants blood, it wants vengeance.  Though the evidence did not warrant prosecution, political pressure was applied until charges were levied against an innocent man.  It took a special prosecutor to pursue this type of case, one not interested in fairness or justice… one was found, equally a special defense attorney would be needed, the co-counsels are Titan of the legal world.  Next a Judge was needed, the first Judge stepped aside due to conflict of interest, the second was removed by the District Court of Appeals upon defense team request, and the third Judge was able to stick with it.  Finally a jury was selected and the show trial was ready to commence.  (Me and the dog kind-a perked up… took note, the investigation had already pointed to self-defense… But I’m not a prosecutor, an attorney, a Judge or Juror, me and the dog… we’ll just see where it goes).

    The trial started and as expected it almost immediately began to collapse around the inept prosecutor’s head, even to the casual observer it was clear this case should have never been brought.  Instead of evidence the prosecution depended upon flights of fantasy, tugs at emotions, race batting and more than a bit of attempted evidence suppression.  The defense team had their way with the prosecutor’s witnesses and the evidence they presented was clear and concise, it was in the Jury’s hands and as expected they returned a verdict of not guilty.  It was the long way home but home just the same, the Jury confirmed what the initial police investigation found, it was a case of self-defense.  (All is right with the world, at least this little part. Maybe its time to call it a day, it’s been a long one…  Wait a minute what’s that rustling around out in the field, the dog just jumped up she sees something).

    The Race Hatred Machine is angry, it still wants vengeance, O’s not happy he wants a guilty verdict regardless of the evidence, regardless of the truth.  He’s unleashing his dog (Eric Holder), just make up a charge, O wants what O wants.  He’s deemed Mr. Zimmerman guilty much like the man that made the video they tried to blame the Benghazi attack on.  Obama wants Zimmerman in jail; it’s the only fitting outcome in the imaginary world he lives in.  O’s dog is giving speeches “We need to do away with stand your ground laws” even though this was not a case of “Stand Your Ground” Mr. Zimmerman was retreating to his vehicle when Mr. Martin pounced upon him. (Damn It! There she goes, the dogs after whatever’s in the field… I guess I do have a dog in the hunt).     

There were a few Y’s in the road that brought us here.

                Had Mr. Zimmerman actually took a "Stand Your Ground" posture he would have seen Mr. Martin approaching, he could have given a verbal warning to stop and then brandished his weapon if needed.  I’ve been drawn on four times, the trigger squeezed twice and hit once, trust me when I say, I became very courteous, very compliant and very humble looking down that little hole at the end of the gun.  Most likely Mr. Martin would have also.

                Mr. Martin was never taught the lesson to never pick a fight unless you’re willing to kill and/or willing to die… simple fact you never truly know how far your adversary is going to go.  I didn’t realize this myself until 1991, walking along the carnage on a little known highway in Northern Kuwait.

                As far as O and Mr. Holder… Deem someone guilty if you wish, it’s been done before… it will happen again I’m sure but those that deem guilt today can just as easily be deemed guilty tomorrow, it’s been done before… it will happen again, of this I’m very sure.


Obama, July 19, 2013:  “I think it would be useful for us to examine some state and local laws to see if it -- if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than defuse potential altercations."
As expected it always comes back to an attack on the law abiding citizens by our White-Black President…Another reason to keep them from being able to protect themselves.

I’ve got the answer… It’s not what you want to hear but it is the truth.
Quit undercutting family, faith and personal responsibility/accountability.

Running with the dog

The Tomcat

Background: Do Not (repeat) Do Not throw rocks at windows of a rundown old barn… The old Kentucky farmer will put a load of rock salt in your ham…  If this does happen Do Not climb into a hot tub of water, thinking you’re going to soak it out.

Friday, July 5, 2013


    Upon the altar lies the victim, the unblemished lamb.  The high Priest steps forward, the sharpened stake in hand.  With few a ritual words proceeding the sacrament, the sharpened stake is raised, then plunged into the sacrifice.  The blood of the unblemished lamb is spilt.  For the moment the demands of the covenant have been met, the thirst of the almighty is quenched…  The vessel of the lamb is risen and led away from the altar.  The next victim is led to the altar, the demands of the covenant must be met, the thirst for fresh blood must be quenched.  The sacrament is repeated over and over.  The congregation voices its approval with cheers, the congregation joyously dances and repeats chants calling for more.

    A passage from the Torah or the old testament… No, the passage is from the headlines of the news, the words of our politicians, the actions of physicians, and the chants of the public.

    For some time now bits and pieces of separate stories have been rolling around in my thoughts, for some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling they were all one tale, though they all dealt with abortion I just couldn’t tie them together.  The Gosnell abortion murder trial, Nancy Pelosi’s “Sacred Ground” remark and the joyful cheering of the crowd outside the Texas Legislator after disturbing/filibustering proposed restrictions on abortion clinics within the state and their chants… “Hail Satan!” (a very telling choice of words, see link to video at the end).

    Then I came across this little statement that brought it all together for me.

“When the killing of unborn babies energizes your party, you may be evil.”
(By @dmbatten)

    I was slammed by the clarity, everything was exposed.  Progressivism is a new religion. The cheering crowd (the Democrat Voter) is its congregation.  The Sacrament, abortion… High Priest, the abortionist… The blood thirsty GOD of the Progressive religion, the politician…  Think of this simple fact, a congregation willing to joyfully sacrifice the youngest and most innocent among them, will be willing to sacrifice anything demanded of them.
    Although Nancy Pelosi claims to be a Catholic she used the word “Sacred” in defending abortion, her selection of the word is again telling and should not be overlooked.  The crimes of Gosnell as horrific as they were, had the children still been within the vessel, the mothers (even partially) it would have been legal and acceptable.  The chant, “Women’s Health Issue” “Personal Choice” or that the aborted children are just “Blobs of Tissue” are nothing more than phrases used to deflect attention away from the truth, a child that is capable of feeling pain is being gouged, ripped at and murdered.  Finally the man-god of the religion, Obama has displayed a vengefulness, an infatuation with being “Hands-on” in selecting targets from his “Kill List” and has instigated violent bloody altercations while standing idly by when able to stop others, the man-god enjoys the pain of others and has a blood lust.
    If you are an Obama supporter or align yourself with the Democratic Party its time you face the truth… you are a member of the Progressive Death Cult, your “mass” is held daily at the local abortion clinic, your communion is from the flesh of the unborn, your wine the blood of the most innocent, a child.  Much like Islam, the Progressive Cult is intolerant of any other Religion, it has begun to openly bare its fangs.  The Republican Party doesn’t fare much better, they have also been tainted by the infectious religion of Progressivism.  It’s time we demand better from our representatives, we need to support the good men and women, weed-out the deadwood and fight the EVIL ones.

    I was born into a Catholic family but lost my way very early, I trudged on for 40+ years with a day to day existence not a bad man but not a good man either… then just a few short years back I had another moment of clarity, spiritual clarity, not born of tragedy or crises more of a light touch and a soft whisper “I’ve got something for you to do”.  At 50-years-old, I was never a big reader but I began devouring books on the Catholic Faith.  I was not a writer but I began writing.  I didn’t know anything about putting my stories, my thoughts on the internet, someone was sent to show me.  Now I know why.

    I put this challenge out to all Catholics (and anyone else that will join me) start contacting your representatives not just once or twice but over and over.  Hammer them on their voting record if they aren’t supporting what we know to be good and right, commend them and let them know you support them if they are. (Don’t trust what they say, you can find their voting records here )  Use e-mail, their web sites, Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, contact them anyway you can.  I used this web site again to get the contact information in under a minute I sent tweets to all the Indiana reps. so I pulled up Kentucky and why not hit Ohio… in under ten minutes I hit the representatives of three states voicing my view.  We also need to invest time and treasure to support the good men and women willing to champion our fight not just the ones from your own district but all districts, all states because every vote affects all of us.  Time is short, if you haven’t noticed the Progressive cult has been working hard to undermine our Faith and with each passing day they become more embolden.  The mid-term elections will be critical to reversing the damage that has been done and thwart the plans they have for us in the future, 16 short months away.  If you have the time check your state and local level politicians too, a lot of them need a bit of guidance also.

    Our battle doesn’t hinge on abortion alone but that is the unholy sacrament that they prize the most, the most evil of them wear the moniker “Pro Choice” as a badge of high standing within their Death Cult.  The Progressive Religions Almighty (Obama) while touring the nations of Africa has repeatedly demanded these nations add abortion as a right to their Constitutions… he has demanded more sacrifices be made, his thirst for innocent blood is yet to be quenched.

To stand silent, to remain unresisting in the presence of evil is to submit to evil… to promote evil.

I hope you too feel the light touch
Hear the soft whisper
Have a moment of clarity


  Please share this, please pass it along…
E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, even print off copies if needed.  Open the eyes of those around you.
Hail Satan Video: