Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bueller…, Bueller…, Bueller…..

    Well look who decided to stop in today…  As hurricane Sandy began to make landfall along the north-east coast of the United States the Obama re-election campaign announced they would be canceling the scheduled campaign rally in Orlando FL. so the president could monitor the situation as the storm progressed.  I find it fascinating that they felt it was necessary to make a national announcement that he would actually be going to work today; then again after the past 1,350+ days he’s been on the job, the American public has come to expect he’d be a no show at the office.  Much like the teacher of the happy, go lucky teenager in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” we’ve been left standing without answer as we called out, Obama…, Obama…, Obama…, silence the only reply.

    The job of President of the United States is one of the most critical jobs in the world, decisions made by the person holding the office easily could impact every person on the earth.  That being said, the President has to be continually informed on a vast number of subjects.  The President needs to keep up with ever changing situations and formulate contingency paths to address these situations.  To assist him, daily briefings are held that inform him of a varied number of situations, options and proposed courses of actions.  These briefings are probably one of the best tools a president could have, he would be able to question and discuss options with some of the best minds available.

That is if the briefings were attended…

    Over the past 4 years Mr. Obama has attended less than 45% of the daily briefings and in the past year it has dropped to below 35%.  Un-Employment has been a major concern in the U.S. over the past 4 years and for all of the speeches he’s given touting how hard he’s working to put America back to work, he has never met with his Jobs Council.  Even during times of crises he chose to pass on attending critical briefings of national importance opting to get his information from talking point papers.  During and after the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi Libya instead of taking a moment to do the job he was hire to do he ran away to Las Vegas for a political fund raiser.   Myself, I’m not all that surprised he avoids the briefings.  In his mind his opinions are the only ones that count.  The only viable courses of actions would be ones that benefited him politically.  Besides it would most likely crush his fragile ego once others figured out “He’s NOT the smartest person in the room”.  How do you hide your incompetence from someone… never meet with them or talk to them.    

    It seems the only time we can count on Mr. Obama showing up is for political fund raisers (he’s never missed one in his career).  If he’s missing, check the local golf course or basketball court.  If you want him to show up say Jay-Z, Beyonce or Clooney will be there.  He won’t stop-in to speak with the White House Press Corps but Letterman, The View, The Pimp with a Limp… He’s There!   Now all of the sudden, 6 days before his contract is up, he’s going to buckle-down and show-up for work.  Thanks, but no thanks; I think the Governors of the eastern costal states can manage… After all they’ve been doing it without you (or is it, in spite of you?).  Mr. Obama just go do whatever it is you do…  By the way you may need this 1-800-GO-UHAUL, one way D.C to Chicago.


    He could have learned a thing or two from these troops.  They stand and do their job when times are good… They stand and do their job when times are bad… They show up to work 365 days a year.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

“…small things.”

      Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets, Ya got’a LOVE IT!  According to Mr. Obama, his re-election team and of course the mainstream media; Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets are the big concerns of the American voting public.  Yes, Mr. Obama has his finger on the pulse of America. 

    Let’s take a look at these three little nuggets of Obama wisdom:

Big Bird

Mr. Obama wants to save “Big Bird” from the economic distress of being self-funded. 

Mr. Romney’s point was, all government spending should be reviewed and prioritized.       
    “Is the program so important that we should borrow money from China to continue it?”
I’ve already been through this in Choices (Oct. 10th) Big Bird is going to do just fine at $500 million plus in merchandizing.   Can you say the same?  Right now the national debt is at $16,211,268,916,232.26 and climbing at a rate of $3,880,000,000.00 every day.   As of this moment every man, woman and child owes about $52,000.00.  Can you pay up?  By Mr. Obama’s own numbers, under his economic plan, by the year 2022 the national debt will exceed $25,000,000,000,000.00. 

(Side Note:  If you can’t pay up now how will you manage in 2022?  Or will it just be a matter of dumping it off on the kids?  Myself, I’ve always paid my own way and I’m willing to sacrifice now to keep from burdening future generations but if government spending isn’t reined in the debt will never be cleared.  Sooner or later it will crush our nation and we’ll bring the rest of the world’s economies down with us.)        

Binders (Full of Women)

Mr. Obama wants to equate having files of perspective female candidates as somehow demeaning and additional evidence of the imaginary “War on Women”.

Mr. Romney (with foresight) collected data on qualified male and female candidates to fill high ranking positions in his corporate, volunteer and government dealings.  No quota system needed, he was only looking to give a fair chance to the best of the best.  From his history women did quite well in getting top jobs.

(Side Note:  I’d rather be listed in Mr. Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” than Obama’s list… The last American citizen on one of Obama’s list didn’t do so well, something about a drone and a missile… not quite the trial and jury of peers’ thing I heard about.  Just saying, if I have the choice.)    

Bayonets (we don’t need as many)

Mr. Obama’s attempt at belittling Mr. Romney, insinuating that he doesn’t know what the military needs.

Mr. Romney’s remark about the Navy’s fleet levels being at their lowest levels since 1917 actually is a scary observation when you think about it.  The reason we haven’t fought a modern battle on our shores is because we’ve always had a mobile fighting force able to take the fight to our foes doorstep and the number of Navy ships plays a major role.  You can’t just pick-up an air base and move it.  You can’t just decide to move Fort Bragg.  But a carrier taskforce parked in international waters can move right into a hot spot and back out as needed.      

(Side Note:  I like to backup my thoughts with facts and stats so I poke around some obscure web sites to see if different numbers come up.   I kind of surprised myself when searching navel strength I pulled up the Chief of Navel Operations guidance for 2011 maritime strategy document.  Within the document I found the fleet strength to be at 288 ships but they identify this as a shortfall noting the “Navy requires a minimum of 313 ships to meet operational requirements globally.” But their optimal fleet size would be 320 ships.  So the Navy is 32 ships short… It would seem Mr. Obama was the one that doesn’t know what the military needs or even what the military has at the moment.)

    Yes Mr. Obama sure hit the mark with his wisdom.   For all the talk on who won each of the debates (Presidential and Vice Pres.) all four looked relatively the same to me.   Romney and Ryan tried to focus on the major issues we face as a nation and their plans to overcome them.  On the other hand, Obama and Biden both came off as… well to put it nicely, juvenile.  But then again I’m not one for sugar coating the facts;

Obama and Biden were both Smartass Pompous JERK’s. 

   I’d like to leave you with this quote (it puts the debates into perspective and why Obama and Biden acted the way they did).

“If you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters.  If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone to run from.  You make a big election about small things.”  
Barack Obama, 28 Aug. 2008 at the Democratic National Convention
(His acceptance speech)

How big is this election?  How small are his issues, Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets? 
Mr. Obama is a small, deceitful man with a big ego…


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bits of Plastic

    Sometimes it’s the subject that’s off the radar is the one getting the most action, the behind the scene and under the table type action.  Both President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder have a history of wanting stringent gun control laws, the type of laws that would restrict private legal ownership but do little to curb illegal possession by the criminal element.  In fact between 2009 to 2011 the Obama Justice Department intentionally facilitated the transfer of 2,500 firearms to Mexican drug smuggling cartels.  This transfer of weapons to extremely violent criminals was done under the cover of a poorly thought-out scheme called “Operation Fast & Furious”.   The supposed purpose was to track the illegally purchased guns to the drug cartels in Mexico then prosecute the cartel members for having illegal guns.  There were three problems with their scheme.

   1.) The Justice Department never bothered tracking the guns (until someone died and
        then did little about it).

   2.) Even if they had, being on Mexican soil the cartel members were out of the Justice    
        Departments jurisdiction (drug cartels already had illegal guns, why didn’t the
        Justice Department arrests them for the guns they already had?)
   3.) As the Mexican death toll began to rise the Mexican government was never
        informed of the operation so there was no cross border law enforcement follow-up
        or interdiction (not that there was any “this side” of the border follow-up).

    So what was the purpose of Operation Fast & Furious?  That question takes us back a few years, to a comment made by then U.S. attorney Holder.  During a 1995 C-SPAN interview Mr. Holder stated:

“…brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

    Wow, his choice of words were pretty revealing as to his thought process.  Not that we need to educate the public or crack down on criminal violence.   No, he considered manipulation and “brainwashing” of the American public as the appropriate course to follow. 

    The next paragraph is pure speculation!    I’m just drawing lines from dot to dot, to see what picture it makes.  But the events are factual.  Fill free to connect the dots and see what picture you come up with…  

    This brings us back to the 2009 Obama administration.  With the absence of an appetite for most senators or congressmen to get into a Second Amendment squabble (again),   the administration looked to manipulate the emotions of the American public by creating an emergency that would spark public outcry for action (and of course they would be ready to act).  In the early days of Ops. F&F few if any knew what was happening but the mainstream media began reporting on increasing gun violence occurring along the Mexican boarder and there were murmurs of the need for action and control of weapons.  The foundation had been laid, the crisis was unfolding, the compliant media was reporting the stories of tragedy in Mexico almost nightly and public opinion was being molded.  All was falling into place as scripted, the calls for action were beginning to take shape and gain momentum.  All as scripted, that is until 14 December 2010.   On that day Border Agent Brian Terry was shot to death by one of the guns that had been allowed to “walk” during Ops. F&F.  The violence had begun to spillover the boarder.  By February of 2011 an agent involved in the operation began to speak out and the scheme began to crumble.  Questions were being asked, questions that could prove detrimental to Mr. Obama so he invoked executive privilege.  The always compliant press halted reports on the continuing violence along the Mexican border (not wanting to give credence to the calls for answers).  The American public was again shuttled off with the “Nothing to see here, move along” reporting of the mainstream media news.   So today here we stand almost two years after Agent Terry’s’ death,  almost two years after operation Fast & Furious was exposed and what do we have to show for it?  No criminals arrested on gun charges, 300+ deaths (Mexican and American) attributed to the mismanaged operation, 2,000+ weapons still in the hands of violent criminals and NO Answers.  And people wonder why I think Mr. Obama is evil, while I wonder why a Mexican-American would vote for Obama after the blood that has been spilled. 

     After reading this you may think I’m just bringing up old news, rehashing the past.   Actually the story was just a prelude for a little test, a self exam if you will.  Look at these two guns and see what comes to mind.

    The top gun looks like your everyday rifle, something a youth may get for their 15th birthday to go squirrel hunting with Grandpa.  But the lower one looks dangerous, something no ordinary person would need.  You may be surprised they are both the same, a basic Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle.  The only difference is the bits of plastic screwed to them.  Neither shoots further, faster, harder or more than the other.  If you ban one you ban both.  A rifle is nothing more than a tool not unlike a hammer, a screwdriver or a car.  Any of them used improperly or placed in the wrong hands can be used to hurt someone.  Now go back to your original thought when you looked at the picture, gun owner or not, like them, dislike them or indifferent.  Did you see one as more dangerous than the other? Have you been manipulated, conditioned, “BRAINWASHED”?

Romney & Ryan 2012


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Does C-N-N Stand For?

    I have a new zest for the battle ahead, shining the light, pointing and screaming as needed, so Y’all get a two subject post today. 

    I had to work Tuesday night so I got the initial bits of the second presidential debate from twitter.  Nice how the moderator Candy Crowley often came to the rescue of Mr. Obama (so heroic).  This is the behavior that confuses the American public and does a disservice to the viewing audience.  One such (Oh, Let me get that for you Sir) instance was on Mr. Obama saying the death of Ambassador Stevens (and three others) was a result of a mob action spurred on by an ant-Muslim “Video”.   She inserted herself into the point being made by Mr. Romney that Mr. Obama for two weeks repeated a lie to the American public blaming an obscure video, instead of admitting it was an al Qaida linked terrorist attack.  As late as September 25th in front of the United Nations General Assembly no less, Mr. Obama continued with the blame the “video and mob action narrative”, a bold face lie to the American people   But Ms. Crowley had to step-in, she stated that Mr. Obama immediately linked it to “terror” in his rose garden address.  She missed the point entirely that the President and his administration attempted to spin the violence in Benghazi to a non-existent mob inflamed by a video they never seen.  Obama and his minions repeated the lie again and again hoping it would take hold as the Obama truth (normally so quickly accepted and forwarded by the media as gospel). 

    Later (I guess after someone showed her a recording of the address) she admitted Mr. Romney was correct in the point he was trying to get to about the following two weeks of lies before she injected herself into the discussion.  That was nice, noting the debate audience was now gone and the damage was done.  In Ms. Crowley’s eagerness to show herself as an iatrical part of the debate process she forgot her most important duty, get to the TRUTH!!!  For days now she has been stating how she intended to expand her role during the town-hall style debate (town-hall means Q&A with the public, not moderator grandstanding).  As to be expected, blinded by her self-importance, she blew it.  Well if nothing else she had a personal audition with Mr. Obama as a future spokesman.  It’s strange that an old man in Sothern Indiana farm country is more knowledgeable on a subject of national importance than a DC based “Chief Political Correspondent” for CNN.  But then again…  CNN, Can’t Nail the News or is it Crowley Navigates the Narrative.


One less voice in the choir?

    Last week I posed a question to myself, I aired my own doubts for everyone to see.  To those of you that voiced your support, I Thank You.  It meant a lot to me.

    I spent some time reading my post from last Sunday over and over, picking at the words for a clue as to what I would do next.  All the time the answer was glaring at me.  Before I had even finished last Sundays post I had an answer to my self-doubt.  In one simple phrase “Evil can only succeed if good men fail to speak out.”  I will not be the ONE that failed to speak out!  I refuse to be the ONE less voice in the choir.  I am not preaching to the choir, I’m adding to the power of its voice.  If I were to allow myself to walk away, who would be next?  How long till there would be no voices in the choir?  By duty and by choice I will stand with those screaming the warnings of the avoidable calamity and devastation that is laid on the path before us.  If my voice sparks one more voice, I’ll have made a difference.  If that voice can spark another and another, evil will be defeated and pushed back into the dark recesses that it creped from.  Do I want Mr. Obama out of the White House?  You BET-CHA!!!  But more than that, I want him out by a landslide!  I want the American public to send a message that we know who and what he is.  I want the American public to send a message to those like him that we know what they are up to and we will shut them down…

    As far as the brick-walls that I’ll face in life…  Be forewarned.  You may not want to listen but you will hear me.  You may not want to believe but you will be shown the evidence I find.  You may not be willing to admit aloud you’ve followed a lie but inside you will know.  I will continue to verbally beat my head and fist against the brick-walls of life in hopes of making that one little crack.  That one crack that lets the light of truth shine in.  That one little crack that brings the wall down.

There’s a fire in me now…

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is It’s Time

10, October 2012

    Today I sent out my 49th post (Malala’s Courage) to date it was my most active posting, taking 130 hits on the blog page in about twelve hours.  You would think this would be exhilarating and motivate me to press forward, to reach for more challenging milestones.  But today was the day I started thinking maybe its time to find a stopping point and step away from this journey.  I need to find a quiet place to think it over…

    A simple 3 minute conversation with a, (I’ll say) friend put my thought process behind my writing into a whole new light.  I had always believed (and still do) that people naturally know the difference between good and evil.  When they are in the presence of an evil person they somehow know it.  Some people trust their instinct and walk away while others don’t trust their feelings for whatever reason and stay.  For the people that stayed in the presence of evil to trust their instincts and walk away I thought all they needed was a guide to help them trust what they knew inside.  So I attempted to guide the best I could, the only way I knew how.  I had heard a phrase someplace that “Evil can only succeed if good men fail to speak out.”  So I spoke out, not that I think of myself as a good man, I have come up short in the eye’s of others and in my own eyes.  I guess in this little journey I’ve failed in my own eyes.

    After my friend read the post we were talking on the phone, I asked them “What did you think?”  (My friend is a big Obama supporter)  They said the “First part was very good” Then I asked “What about the end?”  I had written it with my friend in mind thinking if I shined the light on the evil I saw so clearly my friend would see the evil also.  Their reply floored me “Some of its true, some of its not”.  What? I thought to myself you just said I lied to you.  We’ve known each other all of my life.  I really have nothing to gain in lying to them but evil gains everything.  That’s when I realized people prefer to close their eyes to the truth and make their own truth to fit what they want to believe.  My friend’s truth is in the (D) following a politician’s title, all the evidence in the world will not change their mind.

    When the election comes, the choice will be between two men.  Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney there is no other viable option, its one or the other.   Is Mr. Romney a good man, I can’t say yes, he’s 100% good but I do know Mr. Obama is an evil man.  His lies crumble around him and no one seems to want to notice.  He has placed his personal political ambitions above the wellbeing of others and sadly people have lost their lives because of it and it’s sloughed off.  I’ve seen the evil, pointed at it and screamed warnings.  But now I know I’ve been preaching to the choir (they know the sermon, they don’t need me) or I’ve been screaming at a brick wall (it doesn’t want to listen to me)…  In the world of black and white you can have gray, neither black nor white.  With good and evil it’s either or, there is no in-between.  Follow what and who you will, believe as you wish.  In the end you are what you allow yourself to be, you are what you believe in.

    For now I’m going to have a cup of coffee, watch the sun set on another day and think things over…

Till next week?
The TOMCAT     

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Malala’s Courage

    As a lot of you know, I’m a father.  I have two little girls (well now young ladies), both married.  I don’t think I could be any more proud of what they have done with their lives, the choices they have made and the paths that each of them has chosen to follow.  Both of them are very beautiful, courteous, intelligent, resourceful, self-reliant, and fearless (fearless despite my best efforts).  As I said, I couldn’t be any prouder of my two girls (their husbands are very lucky men).

    Being a father of two girls, the story of  Malala Yousafzai caught my attention.  She is a 14 year-old living in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan.  You can see, she’s a beautiful young lady that could light up a dark room with her smile and as you read her story you will find she’s intelligent and courageous.

    Her story begins in 2009, at age 11 Malala began writing a blog for BBC Urdu under the pseudonym "Gul Makai" about her experiences as a schoolgirl in Pakistanis’ Swat Valley after Taliban forced banned girls’ from attending school or being educated.  The then 11 year-old showed bravery well beyond her years.  After Pakistani government forces drove the Taliban back into the countryside, Malala continued to speak out, she campaigned for the education of girls and later received Pakistan's highest civilian honor, Pakistan's first National Peace Prize.  Over the past few short years she has spoken before many audiences and with many dignitaries, always championing her beliefs in education, social equality and peace. Recently, Malala had started to organize a fund to make sure poor girls could go to school.

    Knowing her vigorous campaigning for her beliefs would make her a target of the fundamentalist Taliban operatives still in the region, she felt “the good work she was doing for her community was her best protection”.  When threats did come, relatives and friends would tell Malala to take care but Malala was never fearful. She would frequently say “I am satisfied. I am doing good work for my people so nobody can do anything to me."  As to be expected the Taliban did make threats against this young lady…

Pakistani girl shot by Taliban defied threats for years

By Saud Mehsud
     9 October 2012, a Taliban gunman targeted Malala Yousafzai on a bus taking children home from school in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, shooting her twice—once in the head and once in the neck—and wounding two other girls, one critically. Malala Yousafzai was airlifted to a military hospital in Peshawar city where doctors were forced to begin operating after swelling developed in the left portion of her brain, which had been damaged by the bullet when it passed through her head.

     Yes the Taliban made good on their threat.  An armed man against a defenseless 14 year-old child.  The Taliban made good on their threat.  Ehsanullah Ehsan, the Taliban Spokesman who claimed responsibility for the shooting, says that the militant group would attack her again if she survives.

The Taliban that President Obama sat beside during a state dinner.        
The “moderate” Taliban that President Obama was seeking an alliance with.  
The Taliban that President Obama was proposing negotiations and compromises with.
The Taliban that Vice President Biden said as an organization the Taliban is not the enemy of the U.S.

Mr. Biden, the Taliban may not be your enemy BUT THEY ARE MY ENEMY!!!!

    To think that appeasement, offers of friendship and apologies will do anything other than embolden members of the Taliban is ludicrous… There is no such thing as “moderate” Taliban!  Their ideology of Strict sharia law makes them an enemy and a danger to any person that believes in the fundamentals of human rights and dignity.    

    As I sit finishing this, yes there are tears welled up in the corners of my eyes, tears for a young life yet to be lived.  There is sadness in my heart, knowing what another father must be going through at this moment.  As powerful as these feelings are they do not dull the burning rage coursing through my veins at this moment, rage against people who would attack a child, rage against people who would appease them, rage against people who would consider seeking an alliance with them.

I pray for you Malala

A Father

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


    This past Sunday I was talking with my mom on the phone (it was her birthday, didn’t want to mess that up).  Anyway she brought up that she had heard Mr. Romney wanted to stop funding PBS and she likes to watch it.   I could tell by her voice she was a bit concerned and needed some reassurance.  So I tried to put it in terms that would make it clear for her, put it in a way that brings the choice into everyday life of an average person. 

    I gave her a choice, she had to pay the rent, the utilities, and the cable T.V. bill every month but she only had enough money to pay two of them each month.  I asked her, what two would you pay?  Which one would you give up?  The choice was easy for her when I put it that way, of course she would give up cable T.V.   It was clear to her after she thought about it in a this or that train of thought.

    Now I get to go a bit more in-depth to paint a broader picture for her and I might as well share my views with everybody.

    For all of Mr. Obama and his team’s attempts to again create another victim that only he can charge in and rescue (Big Bird this time) they failed to give the full story.  First, just as a reminder, Big Bird is a fictional character nothing more.  PBS, NPR and the like are all just businesses. There may be a few people who are true believers that would work for these originations for free but the vast majority are there for one reason a paycheck!  A pay check without having to produce a viable self-standing product.  PBS is given $450,000,000 of taxpayer dollars each year.  The Sesames Street Brand itself is valued at $350,000,000 with an annual retail merchandizing market of $515,000,000. That’s a lot of Erne & Bert dolls and Big Bird coloring books being sold.  Take away government funding and I’ll bet you’ll still see Sesame Street on T.V.; it’s just too profitable of a brand.  (Side Note:  The Sesame Street received $1,000,000 grant from the stimulus fund as a job creation measure.  What did the American taxpayers get for their investment?  1.4 jobs, yes $1,000,000 created one and a half jobs.  I hope they weren’t Big Birds feather fluffers).    

     Will defunding of PBS balance the budget?  Hell no, but it’s a starting point. It’s a concept that a rational person would follow in their own life if they found themself in similar financial difficulties.  It’s time that we as a nation set realistic priorities!  What is important, what isn’t?  Do we as a nation starve the entire herd to indulge the sacred cows?  Every government program has its fans.  They think their favorite program should be continually funded above all others.  Mr. Romney stood as the clear thinking adult in the room, he gave a clear choice.  Its time we cut back on the niceties and remove the self-inflicted hindrances’ to economic recuperation and prosperity.  When we pull ourselves out of the financial pit that we’ve dug, the niceties’ will return (and sadly I’m sure the hindrances and bad habits will to).  But one thing is for sure if we don’t start taking the rational course Mr. Romney is charting, very, very soon we won’t have the niceties of PBS, NPR and so on, or the important and vital programs like Social Security,  Medicare or Medicade for long… 

    Will it be as simple as making a choice between two men?  Will it be a candidate that openly shows distain for America’s heritage, its institutions, its founding ideas, a candidate that promises a rosier tomorrow but no plan, only rhetoric of envy and distrust?  Or will we choose the candidate that values America’s heritage, its institutions, and its founding ideas, that offers the opportunity of a better future by working hard now and making the changes needed now?  If we choose to follow Mr. Romney’s and Mr. Ryan’s leadership our nation can and will turn the corner, leaving the economic decline of the past few years behind us.  We have an opportunity to reignite our nation’s potential, to again embrace our capabilities and once more truly be a glimmering light of freedom and prosperity that other nations will strive to emulate.  A nation that peoples of the world will want to be a part of.  Once more American exceptional can be worn as a badge of honor and pride.  Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan advocate a leaner, less intrusive government, not an absence of government but no more government for governments’ sake.  A lessening of regulations and restrictions again not an absence of regulations but at least they should be sensible.  Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are offering us not the right to succeed, no one can do that.  They are offering us the opportunity to succeed.  But only if we as a nation are willing to make the hard choices.  Myself, I choose to work and sacrifice today, if its Big Bird so be it, all for a better future, not a better future for me but for the ones who will follow me, my children and someday their children.

November 6, 2012 the path will be chosen.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Post Debate Obama Campaign Plan (A surefire winner)

    I had to work the evening of the first presidential debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney so of course I recorded it.  While I was at work I kept-up with the comments on twitter. From what I read it sounded like Mr. Obama didn’t even show up.  I really had to see this failure (it sounded epic).  I rushed home and spooled up the DVR watching intently to see the Obama blunders but I really didn’t see anything different from what I expected.  I watched the Obama that I’ve known for four years.  He’s always had very weak debating skills; he’s never been able to lace together a coherent or cohesive rebuttal on the fly and often stumbles on facts due to his limited practical knowledge and experience.  That’s why it always struck me as curious when people would say he was so brilliant, so smart and a great communicator (I just don’t see it).  What I have seen over the last four years is a team that was very artful at audience selection and directed messaging.  Mr. Obama and his team selected subjects and messages that placed his audience in the position of victims and himself as the rescuer.  When you control all aspects of a speech it’s easy to look good. 

    He very rarely has exposed himself to a venue that allows for open questioning.  When he has, it’s been on occasions where he knew beforehand he was in friendly company like The View, Letterman and so on.  On the rare occasion when he has met with an opponent or interviewer that asks direct pertinent questions he quickly becomes flustered and irritated.   So like I said, I wasn’t surprised by his performance.  I did find all the excuses coming out from the pundits and press amusing, altitude, stresses of the office, preparation for “The View”, his dislike of Mr. Romney, and my favorite Ambassador Stevens death (didn’t stop him from sleeping that night or jetting off to VEGAS the next day for a little fundraising, post traumatic stress disorder I guess).  Let’s face it, you know, I know, the whole DAMN world knows… He’s a FAKE.  From the very beginning he was nothing more than slick packaging, an artificial background and factious accomplishments.  As he stood in front of targeted audiences spewing his words of envy and hate the crowds cheered and the news originations reported glowing reviews on his brilliance, he could have just as well burped White Castle hamburger gas and the reaction would have been the same.

    It took him and his team a few days to let the sting of the debate subside but in true Chicago fashion they climbed back into the fight.  As per their track record they’ve refreshed their talking points and headed out on the friendly Sunday talk show circuit to spread the new talking points to the American public.  I’m sure they believe this is surefire winner that will more than make up for Mr. Obama’s debate performance.  If nothing else it sounds like they all got the same story this time…  That Video/Terrorist thing was a mess.

Just a little something extra this week (they sounded like a bunch of children on the playground).
             The TOMCAT

I know, they used a different word but this is just as childish and funnier.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pride, Ego or Fear…

    Back in days of old as people sat discussing concerns of their group (or society) one of them came up with naming this activity, they called it “POLITICS”.  The second word introduced must have been COVER-UP.  It seems the two words have gone hand-in-hand from the beginning.  Over the years every government, every political party has been involved in a scandal that they tried to cover-up and it always seems to turn out the same, the cover-up gets them into more trouble than the original scandal would have.  Politicians always forget rule number one, If you’re going to do something stupid, do it by yourself!!!  The minute you do something stupid with one, two or more people around somebody’s going to tell on you.  Why do they continue to try to cover-up their mistakes?  I don’t know, maybe they are too proud to admit they are human (like the rest of us).  It could be their ego makes them think they’re above living by the same rules as the rest of society.  Or it’s just plain old fear, fear of what others may say, of what others may think.  Whatever the reason they still do it.

    Again as a nation we get to watch another administration crumble under the weight of a cover-up.  Of all the silly stuff Mr. Obama and his staff have pulled, the repaying of campaign contributors through stimulus funds, the national security leaks, cash for clunkers and so on, nothing seemed to stick.  Nothing until now.

    What’s being called “BenghaziGate” I think is going to be the one that brings the Obama administration down and the thing is, it was the easiest of all to avoid.  As soon as I heard of the September 11 attack I started recording news segments on the television that had anything to do with the then called “Video instigated protest that got out of hand”.  From the very start things I was hearing on the network news just didn’t add up.  I wrote a bit on it on the 12th and posted it on the 13th (The Party is Planned).  Within six hours of the attack just from what I gleaned from the news and the web I knew a planned terrorist attack had occurred, yet the government with its $50 billion a year intelligence organization continued to site an obscure YouTube Video as the cause for the violence.  What was I, an old man in the middle of fly over country picking up on that the experts in D.C. didn’t see?  Absolutely nothing…   I sensed the first draft of a cover-up blowing in.

Let’s do a little timeline exercise. (If you watch ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN news much of this will be new to you).

May/June/July 2012:  Diplomatic mission to Libya had made at least twelve requests for additional security measures be implemented but the requests were denied by Mr. Obama’s State Department (Documents leaked to the press Oct. 3rd, I said someone would tell).  By the way, REAT-A-COP’s. Are you kidding me?  Where were the U.S. Marines?  Give a few of them and several dozen terrorist will be stopped… Stopped DEAD! 

July 2012:  General Carter Ham (U.S. Africa Command) reports al Qaeda has not been degraded in Libyan region. (You should listen to the boots on the ground).

July 2012:  British Foreign Office withdrew its consular staff from Benghazi because of al Qaeda operating openly in the area confirmed by both MI6 and CIA.  (Again the danger was being signaled by boots on the ground but the Obama administration chose to ignore the warnings).

August 2012:  Defense Department releases an unclassified report documenting factions of al Qaeda in Libya were gaining strength and likely joining forces. (I would like to see what the classified version said, there’s always a classified version).

September 5 2012: Last intelligence briefing attended by President Obama (Briefing is scheduled to be held daily.  Guess Clint Eastwoods' empty chair was there listening).

September 5-6 2012:  Democratic National Convention; The speakers repeatedly touted the killing of Osama bin Laden and that al Qaeda has been crippled and on the path to defeat.  (Nothing like a little nose rubbing to spool someone up.  They thought they were rubbing Republicans noses in it, I wonder who else was listening?)

September 10 2012: al Qaeda’s Emir calls for revenge for the death of Libyan terrorist Abu Yahiya al-Libi, Killed in a drone strike in June.  (I think being the day before the anniversary of the 2001 attack; I’d have taken some definitive actions to insure the safety of personal in the region).

September 11 2012:  Egyptian government had called for and scheduled anti-American protest; they also televised an obscure YouTube video to the Cairo population as pretence for the protest.  (This may or may not have been coordinated with the group planning the assault in Benghazi but was loosely tied to their request for an additional $450 million in additional “Aid” on top of the $1.2 billion given each year.  Let’s all say it together, EXTORTION).

September 11 2012: (Evening) Reports start coming in on an attack occurring on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Libya.

September 12 2012:  Ambassador Stevens and three other U.S. citizens are reported as casualties as a result of anti-American protest “that got out of hand”.  (The cover-up machine is starting to spool up but still time to stop it).

September 12 2012:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a press conference calls for religious tolerance and makes first statements blaming “Video” for violence. (Still early enough in the game that the statement could be based on suspect information.  Why not say so).

September 12 2012: President Obama makes a statement pledges “Justice will be done”.  (Still statement could be based on suspect information.  Again, why not say so).

September 12 2012:  The U.S. Intelligence community classifies the attack as a terrorist action. Intercepts a phone call immediately after the attack between al Qaeda linked groups implicating al Qaeda involvement.  (This is the point where the truth is told or the cover-up begins).            

September 12 2012:  President Obama tapes segment for 60 Minutes (news show) refers to attack as “bump in the road” then jets off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser event.  (Really? I know where President Bush would be!)

September 12-13 2012: President Obama continues campaign stops in Nevada and Colorado.

September 12-13:  Intel leaks to press “was a terrorist attack and al Qaeda likely involved”. (Same conclusion I came to and I’m in the middle of a cornfield in Indiana.)
September 13 2012:  State Department Spokesperson stresses “Security at consulate in Benghazi was appropriate” (The cover-up is on!!!  Remember May/June/July the diplomatic mission to Libya had made requests for additional security and were denied).

September 13 2012:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again blames video for violence. (September 12 The U.S. Intelligence community classifies the attack as a terrorist action she was privy to the information.  I’d thought she was too smart to cover for Obama… Bill must be steamed now).

September 13: FBI investigation team dispatched to Libya.

September 14 2012: Bodies of the slain arrive at Andrews AFB. MD. In Mr. Obama’s statements he refers to the “Video” as the reason. (September 12 the attack was classified as a terrorist action.  He just couldn’t bring himself to speak the truth… Pride, Ego or Fear?  The COVER-UP is now his).

September 14: White House Press Secretary Jay Carrney officially blames “Video” for the attack and they (the administration) has no reason to “Suspect the attack was preplanned.”  (See The Party is Planned, posted Sept 13. I had a reason to suspect the attack was preplanned…  Why didn’t they?  Cover-up!!!)

September 16:  United States Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice goes on five Sunday talk shows repeating each time “The attack was a spontaneous reaction to the VIDEO and not preplanned”.  (Just keep repeating the lie enough… Someone’s going to believe you).

September 17:  State Department Spokesperson again refuses to admit the attack could be related to terrorist activity when directly questioned by the press.  (The story is in place, stick to it.  Note: She squirmed like a child caught with a marker in her hand and a wall covered with stick people drawings).

September 18:  President Obama again blames “VIDEO” for violence during interview on the Letterman Show.  (One full week after knowing otherwise…  Just keep telling the lie).

September 19: The head of National Counter Terrorism Center testifies on Capital Hill, “Yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack.”  (An honest man speaks out.  The lie begins to crack).

September 20: White House Press Secretary Jay Carrney backhandedly admits it was a terrorist attack.  (It only took nine days for the administration to start coming clean).

September 20: President Obama, during an interview on Spanish language Univision, Still refuses to admit the attack was terrorism.  (Still holding to the “Video” narrative.  Guess he hadn’t gotten the word… The truth is out!  We know you’re lying to us!!! )

September 21:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admits “the assault was in-fact a terrorist action. (I knew a Clinton wouldn’t fall on their sword for Obama).

September 24: President Obama, during appearance on The View still will not admit the attack was terrorism.  (Doesn’t anyone tell him anything?  The attack has been classified as terrorism for twelve days now).

September 25: President Obama, speaking before the United Nations again blames the “VIDEO” for the violence.  (Guess his thinking is, “It’s my lie, I’m sticking with it.  Besides I’m smarter than anyone in the world” after all he is addressing the U.N.).

September 26:  Maker of the Video is arrested.  The charges are murky… (Associated to YouTube video?)

September 26: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi speaking before the U.N. demands “$450 million of additional aid from the U.S. and that the U.S. put restrictions on the freedom of speech of its citizens”. (Only comment that does justice to Mohamed’s demands… BITE ME!)

 September 26:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton briefs press on expansion of terrorism in North Africa and Libya.  Mirroring August 2012 Defense Department report.  (Did they just get around to reading it?)

September 27:  Secretary of Defense Leon Penyeta states “it was a terrorist attack” (Guess he doesn’t want to take the fall).

September 28: NBC news reports Intelligence Agencies “got it wrong” sites statement released by Department of National Intelligence. (Time to offer up the sacrificial lamb.  Didn’t they classify it as terrorism on Sept 12 and give several warnings in prior months???).

September 28: Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper makes the statement “the intelligence community failed the White House”.  (Nicely done, don’t fall on the sword yourself… Shove the Intel guys on it!  Had been classified as terrorism by Intel since Sept. 12)

September 28:  Reports leak out, fifteen days after being dispatched; FBI investigators still have not gone to the seen of the Benghazi attack.  Safety of the team is given as the reason for the delay.  (But Sept 13 State Department Spokesperson stresses “Security at consulate in Benghazi was appropriate.)

September 30:  President Obama campaigning again in Nevada, starts touting the killing of Osama bin Lauden and that “al Qaeda is on the path to defeat”.  (Back to the same message as Sept 5-6 as if the Benghazi attack never happened, as if the ambassador and three others were never murdered).

September 30:  Afghanistan President Karzai appeared on 60 Minutes news show stating “Terrorism has increased” also appearing on 60 Minutes was General John Allen (the head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan), he stated “al Qaeda has come back” (Do you think boots on the ground in the region may have better insight than someone who has not attended the intelligence briefings?)

October 1:  John Stewart on his comedy satire news show reported more information more accurately about the Benghazi attack than the news on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN had reported in the past twenty days.  He called the administration on the lack of honesty coming out during news conferences. (A liberal comedian doing a better job than professional news originations… What up with that?)

I’ve been at this for over twenty days.  That’s enough, I’ve convinced myself… There was an attempted cover-up that exploded in the administrations collective faces. 

How could this have been avoided? Three very simple steps.

1)  Listen to your boots on the ground.  July/August: Add security as requested or pull the consulate staff out.

2) September 12 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Press conference: An attack on our consulate in Benghazi has taken place.  We will provide more information as we get it.

3) September 13 President Obama, Press conference:  It appears al Qaeda or an affiliate may have been involved in the Benghazi attack.  If so we will track them down and JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!  (Also take a couple days off from campaigning so you at least appear involved).

That’s it, the story is over.  It’s always the cover-up ya morons…   

    What makes this different from previous screw-ups?  Why will this stick to the “Teflon President”?  Very simple the blood of four American citizens has been poured on the floor at the feet of Mr. Obama.  He sloughed off the incident as a mere “bump in the road” and continued his campaigning while lying directly to the American public.  For years the mainstream news outlets have quietly brushed unflattering stories of Obama under the rug or very lightly glossed over them as if not being worthy of much attention.  The mainstream news can not ignore this story any longer without openly exposing their compliancy in the cover-up effort.  The American public is starting to take note of how they have been lied to and misinformed by news sources for the past four plus years.  Will this be the turning point for the network news?  Will this be the story that makes the new Walter Cronkite?  Someone that America can turn to for honest, informative information.  Or will the news originations continue to be commercials for dubious men and policies.  Will America seek out an old man in the middle of an Indiana cornfield for honesty and integrity?

I know it was a bit long.
Thank you for sticking with it.


     Hay Akmed, That sure was one Jihad of a party!                           Yes, Truly one for the Qur'an

   I thought for sure we were busted after that Stevens thing...            We would have been if not for
.                                                                                                       Hussein coming up with that
.                                                                                                       story...