Sunday, November 17, 2013


    I had just finished a 50 hour work week and to be honest with you… I hurt a bit, the years are catching up with me.  If I had my choice I’d stick with a 30 hour week but I have a commitment to my employer and I’ve got financial obligations.  I’m not rich by some people’s standards but I’m comfortable by my own, so normally when given the choice I take a pass on overtime at work unless I need a little extra cash for something I want.

    Like I said, I was already 50 hours into this week but something came up that I needed extra money for so I volunteered for an additional 10 hour shift to do some equipment modifications while production was shutdown.  My time off is important to me, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do around the house, the thermostat is out on my truck so I have a cold ride home from work each morning, my car had an ignition sensor go out so I can’t use it right now, I have to cut firewood, I’m in the process of fencing 6+ acres for the calf I have (and another I’ll be getting in the spring) and I still have to do some woodwork for my youngest girl.  What could be so important for me to push everything aside to pick up a few extra bucks?  Parts for my vehicles or materials for the fence… No, I’ve already got that covered, maybe a new saw for the woodshop… No, I’m good there too, a new chain saw… a gun or some ammo… or some other trinket or toy… No, I’m happy with what I have.  So what could it be?
    I read a story about a group of people, an organization, a club if you will… I wanted to join them.  Most groups or clubs have places to meet, gatherings and common interest.  This club doesn’t really have any of these.  There aren’t any bylaws, I won’t know any other members, I’ll never go to a meeting but that’s OK, I’ll pay my dues and join them anyway.  There is one thing all the members have in common, a desire to make a difference.  The story I read was about Operation Underground Railroad, a private  group of former CIA, FBI, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, etc… that track and rescue children from sex trafficking rings operating around the world.  The people of Operation Underground Railroad have the intel, the technology, the skills and most of all the COURAGE. The one thing they lack is funding.  This was my opportunity to join them, my contribution of one day’s pay, 10 hours of my life, combined with donations from others will help to rescue a child from further horrific abuse.
    It wasn’t NBC, CBS, CNN or even FOX News… Glenn Beck was the first to bring this story to light, his call for donations to resulted in over $300,000 being raised in one day.  With the donations, the organization immediately launched two rescue missions, one in Haiti, the other location yet undisclosed and more missions in work.  Members of the rescue teams or jump teams for the time being have outside jobs but if $1 million could be raised the teams would be able to focus fulltime on rescue efforts, but their goal is to raise $5 million to become fully operational.

    I could try to tell their story but they do a much better job so please visit them, read the goals they have set, see the videos and make a donation. A Challenge To All… Match Me, Donate 10 Hours pay.



  1. Ya, Tomcat! Your article will be put on WLOB Facebook as this has been a topic of host Ray Richardson for many weeks trying to get legislation to dismiss crimes by those in trafficking as to not ruin their future when they go back into society. Proud of you, more than usual! Bless YOU.

  2. Thank you so much for helping this great group of heroes! What they do is so important! We should be supporting this cause, wholly. Thanks for bringing it to your audience, and beyond. God bless you:)

  3. Thank you Thomas for this! I don't listen to Beck, so I've not heard of this group! Thank you!! This is incredible and I'm in. God Bless you for doing something!!