Saturday, September 21, 2013

Clay Pigeons

    “There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store.”

    “There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars.”

    “There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had a chance to get off.”
Barack Obama, July 2013.

Victim Chris Lane 23, randomly shot dead by three youths… “for the fun of it”
Victim Joshua Chellew 36, beaten unconscious by four gang members then left in the middle of a five-lane highway where they watched as he was run over by a vehicle.

Victim Pat Mahaney 46, severely beaten by six youths dies from complications… The boys were seeking entertainment and “felt like it.”
Victim Delbert Belton 88, beaten by two youths, died within hours from the injuries. Gang initiation or was it out of “boredom” as claimed by the teens.

Victim Jeffrey Babbitt 62, Brain-dead after received a blindside blow to the head by a 31-year-old male… “The next White person that walks by, I’m going to fuck”
Victim Christopher Newsom 23, after being carjacked he was stripped, bound, sodomized with an undisclosed object, raped by one of the assailants, shot in back, neck and head, finally his body was doused in fuel and set on fire…

Victim Channon Christian 21, (Girlfriend of Christopher Newsom) Channon unlike Chris was taken back to one of the assailants home, there she was repeatedly raped (in every possible way) beaten over and over (until much of her body was unrecognizable).  After at least one, possibly two days of abuse she was still alive, her tormentors then poured bleach all over her body to wash away DNA evidence then they poured bleach down her throat, again to wash away DNA.  Still alive she was bound, stuffed into plastic trash bags then shoved headfirst, upside-down into a kitchen trash bin where she slowly suffocated to death.  Through search efforts of Christopher and Channon’s families and diligent investigating by the police, the house of horrors was tracked down, Channon’s body was still in the kitchen, still in the trash bin.  By all accounts Channon was little more than a few days of entertainment for the four men and one woman convicted of the gruesome murder.

    Seven victims all white, twenty-one assailants twenty black/one white… Cherry Picking? DOJ statics on interracial crime, Black on White crime 75% vs. White on Black crime 10% (Other Combinations 15%).  The latest estimated demographics show the United States population is made up of 12.6% Black, 72.4% White and 15% other.  At this point I could effortlessly counter Obamas call for Americas to do some “Soul-Searching” in the terms of race and the history of African-Americans “that doesn’t go away”, after all 75% of the racially charged crimes are committed by factions within 12% of the population... One could make the point the reputation was hard fought and reactions well deserved… but that’s not the point I want to make.
    At one time the conventional wisdom was when confronted be it a robbery, purse snatching even a carjacking don’t put up a fight, after all its just stuff… a few bucks gone, the hassle of replacing your ID’s, BS paperwork with the insurance company… but still just stuff.  No longer can those thoughts guide actions, robbery and theft are becoming an afterthought (if a consideration at all).  Assailants seek to feed a blood lust, thugs seek to entertain themselves by cruelly torturing another human being for hours if not days… To a small but vicious portion of society, you, me, EVERYONE have become nothing more than clay pigeons on a skeet-range.  The mindset must change, you must be aware of your surroundings, not only should you lock your car doors as someone crosses the street towards you, you should mentally coil yourself and be ready to act.  Our society has produced predators and social cannibals with a thirst for blood not seen since the days of the Roman Empire. 

  A few weeks back I took a road trip to north-east Pennsylvania for a wedding, my wife, mother-in-law and her sister were with me.  It was late Sunday night on the way back (in KY, 40-miles west of Cincinnati OH.) I stopped for fuel at a little place just off the interstate, nothing special a quiet little stop-n-go no other lights around.  As I stretched my legs and pumped the fuel a car pulled up to the front door of the store, three boys (20-22 years-old) in the car were a bit loud, boisterous, full of piss & vinegar and most likely didn’t need the twelve-pack of beer they walked out of the store with.  A few moments later another car pulled into the parking lot, two young ladies jumped out, they pulled some snacks and drinks from the back seat.

    Immediately the girls caught the attention of the three boys and the cat calls began.  At first I don’t think the girls realized they were the objects of the boy’s increasingly vulgar comments… but soon they caught on.  Their eyes widened then they looked towards me, we made eye contact and I gave them a little nod.  I faced the boys and stood quietly but attentive, the boys would have had to go past me to get to the girls… the boys didn’t move.  When the young ladies got in their car I climbed into mine, as they pulled out I pulled out behind them but as I hit the parking lot exit I swung a bit wide to block it for a moment until the taillights disappeared into the night, the boys stayed put behind me.

    Three on one, I knew if something happened I most likely wasn’t walking away and that was my mindset but being an old nuke troop I stand by the idea of “MAD” Mutually Assured Destruction, I’d do my best to make sure they didn’t walk away neither.  Along with the obscenities the boys were yelling they also yelled some racial slurs, it was three WHITE boys and two BLACK girls but I didn’t see color, I saw  trouble on one side of me and someone that needed if not protection at least reassurance on the other side of me.  It could have been my daughters, at a minimum they were someone’s daughters.

    Glenn Beck told the story of the Newsom/Christian murders on air, it was one of the most difficult stories I had ever listen to… but one that every man must know, take the next few moments, listen to the story, set your resolve, do some “Soul-Searching”.


A Clay Pigeon with a
MAD attitude!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

7th Grader

    As the 7th grader schoolyard punk stood there boasting and snarling out threats a 5th grader stepped forward to call his bluff.  Somewhat shocked but not wanting to show it, he turned to give his lackeys one of his famous “Do You Believe This Guy” Smirks… but as he turned he found he was standing all alone.  His throat tighten and sweat began to bead upon his brow.  He turned to face the upstart 5th graded only to find that another 5th grader joined him… and another… and another… and some 6th graders joined in to facedown the 7th grade schoolyard punk.  The once brazen and boastful child now weak and scared, slowly stepped back, then another step and another, his pace quickened until he was in a sprint… as he passed his class mates he yelled “Help me, help me, those kids are starting trouble”.  His class mates, who had been targets of the punk’s brow-beatings, ridicule and bullying stood silently, watching the spectacle unfold.

    This is the picture that came to mind as I watched Obama deal with his missteps in the Syrian civil war.  Once dependable allies have stepped away from the “Lead-From-Behind” leader not knowing if he’ll run off to Vegas or Martha’s Vineyard when the going gets tough.  Adversaries, Iran, Russia and China are stepping forward to defend their interest in the region… maybe their predictable position should have been considered prior to Obamas boastful “RED LINE’ was drawn, perhaps consulting the UN and letting them take charge (like 2+ years-ago and 120,000+ lives… what’s their purpose anyway, social engineering).  Obama laments that the “UN Security Council is ineffective and the timeline for action is excessive…”  Then why do we continue to fund the U.N., nothing better to spend taxpayer money on?  The Arab League (22 oil rich members) should be able to gather up a regional “Peace Keeping” force, after all part of their charter is to “Settle Arab disputes and limit conflicts”, Syria seems to fit the bill.

    For 4-1/2 years conservatives have been told by Obama “Do it MY way… or I’LL go around you and do it anyway”.  For 4-1/2 years conservatives have been ridiculed, lambasted, lied about and attacked by his minions in agencies like the IRS, EPA, NSA, DEA etc… “Tea Baggers” “Want to throw Grand-ma off the cliff” “Republicans WANT dirty air and water” “Flat-Earth Thinkers” etc…  Now the Republican leadership is coming out in favor of Obama’s unilateral decision to kill more Syrians as a reprisal for Syrians killing Syrians…  You’re about 119,000 dead Syrians late!  There is also talk of “Deal Making” for supporting Obamas actions, better ask Bill Clinton about “O” and how good his word is.  When Obama is looking to bring Republicans “onboard” for anything… Repeat ANYTHING, he’s looking for a rube or a patsy, someone to dump the blame on later when things go bad! “It’s Bushes Fault” “It’s the Tsunamis Fault” “It’s those Tea Baggers standing in the way” and the lap dog press will eat it up.  Gift from Obama, Vote Present! (If you even show up that day).  Don’t vote YES, don’t vote NO… He dug this hole, now he’s looking for someone to blame it on.  As far as America looking weak or loosing stature… that happened a few years back fellas’.  Where ya been?
    Do I like what’s happening in Syria or what has happened in the past 2+ years? HELL NO!  But it was allowed to fester for too long, we should have been leading the way at the start, negotiating, jumping up & down on the podium at the U.N., poking and prodding allies and adversaries to gain control over the situation… Now it’s too late.  It would have taken work and commitment and quite frankly Obama is just too lazy to manage either.  Obama, there is no good way out of this, I recommend you start pulling a Benghazi… blame it on a video, American Pop should do, it has America in it and some Jewish content, then you can head to VEGAS BABY, hit the links, 7 months of the press covering for you… who’s going to remember…
The family of Brian Terry?
The families of the 200+ men, women and children gunned down in Mexico? (and counting)
The families of 25 members of SEAL TEAM 6? (Extortion 17 helicopter shot down)
The families of the 5 Army National Guard/Reservist? (Aircrew Extortion 17 helicopter shot down)
The families of the Benghazi 4?
Egypt’s Christian Community?

O’s missteps racked up quite a body count…
Guess it’s not all golf and vacations


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Dream (American, or otherwise)

    50 years ago I was a mere babe, so I literally grew up hearing the echoes of the words spoken by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. a half century ago on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Over all those years, I had never had anyone explain the meaning of his words, no one defined the content of his speech to me. 

That is until today…

    On Wednesday August 28, several voices stepped forward to clarify Rev. King’s words, several stepped forward to clear up the lingering misconceptions of Rev. King’s intent.  Among the speakers of note there was Martin Luther King III (son of Rev. King), Oprah Winfrey (still facing oppression… while shopping for a $65,000 purse), Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis (a man that marched with Rev. King back in 1963), former Presidents Carter and Clinton (our first “Black” president, his words) and of course Obama (our first “White-Black” president, the MSM’s new descriptive term).
    Obama was gracious enough to channel the Rev. King directly so he could define his intent that summer of 63.  He accused our society of willfully inflicting grievances based on not only race but gender, sexual orientation and wealth.  Then communities across the nation were called out for providing children substandard school, diminished opportunity and inadequate health care.  Finally the once hidden crises of “parental violence” was brought out in the open, as he spoke through Obama. (Well maybe that wasn’t Rev. King speaking but those were the words used).

    Silly me… Over the years I have read Rev. Kings “I Have a Dream” speech a number of times and I failed to pick-up on all these profound points Obama spoke of.  I had always imagined Reverend King was calling for the removal of the intentionally placed obstacles from the path of all (“not be judged by the color of their skin”) so they would be free to advance as far as their individual abilities could take them (“but by the content of their character”).  Those were the most famous words, the most quoted words from that day in August of 63 but not the most important. 

    Of all the words spoken, the most powerful and perhaps the least remembered was the Reverends cautionary statement.

 “In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds.  Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.  We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”

   “…the high plane of dignity and discipline.”  He knew in those early days that the acceptance of the “Black Man” as a social equal hinged on his behavior, again content of character…  There was a time armed guards had to escort children through the doors of a once white segregated school, now their grandchildren need guards to escort them through their own neighborhoods because of those who claim the rights of the struggle but do not remember their responsibility to the struggle.

“We must FOREVER conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”

These should have been the words most quoted.  How much further could we be as a nation if we lived this phrase, these simple words are the key, the covenant to equality.  The door of acceptance is open, it opened many years ago, we’ve been waiting for you…