Saturday, June 29, 2013

O.K. and WPA

Two little thoughts, two little stories this week.

…it’s all O.K. now
    As I read the Tweet I could sense the glee in the writer’s words:

“Newly revealed document shows IRS TARGETING leftist too”

  The first thought that came to mind was “DUH, the IRS is a government agency… of course they’re going to F-UP and snag the wrong organization every now and again”.  I opened the attached link to read the story (something that the sender must have failed to do) reading the little quip of a press release I found that the BOLO (be on the lookout) list used by the IRS identified the words “Progressive” and “Occupy” as cause for extra scrutiny…
    OH JOY, a word (or two) was on a list… not that any “Progressive” group came forward with complaints of delays or harassment (I wish they would, just to add more fuel to the fire of reasons to shut the IRS down).  Either way, the harassment of any group, conservative, liberal, religious, etc… by the IRS is cause for alarm and action (something lost on the tweet sender, but in her mind [@theReasonists] it’s all O.K. now).  The administration isn’t going to do anything other than reward the miscreants involved, but I have another thought.  I’d love to see any/all conservative organization involved bring suit for actual and punitive damages against the IRS for violating their Civil Rights, “Fair and Equal Treatment Under the Law” that’s what Dr. King fought for, that’s what many lives have been laid down for.

    The premise is very simple and clear, one organization, one group of people was targeted because of a word on a list while another, any other that also should have been targeted because of a word on the same list wasn’t… 
    Again, fair and EQUAL treatment under the law.

    Think of it this way.  A movie theater has a list saying to limit admittance of any green people and of any purple people also. 40 purple people try to buy a tickets all but one are turned away, 20 green people try to buy tickets but only 19 are allowed in, one is turned away.  Equal treatment?  Both were on the list, some got in, some didn’t.
  Not many things in life are a lock but this is the proverbial “WIN/WIN” situation for any of the targeted groups of people. 

1.)    The IRS admits to violating equal treatment under the law… PAYDAY!

2.)    The IRS brings evidence of targeting O’s base equally, putting a spotlight on what would be another of O’s big lie’s “Reward Our Friends” this can’t happen, because they weren’t targeted. (but I’d be ROTFL and DNPMP)

The official tally for those of you keeping score at home:

Conservative Originations targeted, 292… Progressive, 6… Yes, it’s all O.K. now.

Ma’am [@theReasonists], you are a vast cesspool of inspiration!
Just pushing your buttons, Keep’m Coming Pal

War Powers Act
    The War Powers Resolution of 1973, is a law intended to check the president’s power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress (Passed by the Democratic controlled legislative branch, over riding then President Nixon’s veto).  As one war winds down another begins to escalate at O’s direction, Afghanistan and Syria may be the first thoughts that come to mind but these aren’t the wars I’m talking about. 

    As the IRS war on conservative organizations winds down O has called for intensified hostilities by the EPA to bring down the American coal industry and the electrical producers it supports.  Again, O has vowed to “Go around Congress” to pursue this economic assault on American Industry, Labor Force and Population.  
War is defined as: Bending an enemy, opponent, foe or advisory to your will by the use of overt/covert actions to include conventional and unconventional means.  Economic Warfare is just such an example of unconventional warfare.

    O has openly used the term “Enemy” and other such words to describe citizens, organizations and industries of the United States.  One of his senior advisors, Daniel Schrag, in a June 25th interview blatantly called for a “War on Coal”.  

     According to the 1973 Resolution O has 60 days of activity and 30 days to withdraw from a conflict for a total of 90 days if Congress does not approve further action. O literally started unconventional warfare on both fronts on day one of his first term, he is well past the 90 day limit of the War Powers Act.  There is one small detail that must be brought to light “armed conflict” not that active discharge of weapons must occur but that an armed force is used.  As long as the IRS and EPA maintains one weapon, one round of ammunition within their agencies they meet the legal definition of an Armed Force.  Also geography location or the opponent need not be a nation, the war on terrorism is not against any nation.  We are not at war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc…  It’s time for Congress to invoke their privilege under provisions of The War Powers Resolution of 1973 and demand Obama, EPA, and any other armed agency cease and desist the “War on Coal” stop all actions overt/covert, discontinue all conventional/unconventional activities with the purpose of bending coal associated industries to your will.  If the legal Congressional demand is not met, immediately defund the EPA putting a halt to this illegal war.

    O is fascinated with using laws and procedures for unintended situations and activities…
“Go around Congress”?
Time he gets a taste of the same.  The criteria fits, use it!

It’s a bit warm but I’m going out’n lighting up a Big-O nasty chunk of Southern Indiana Coal…
Just for spite!
Keep Digging Boys


BTW: Over the past 10-years, for every ton reduction of coal use in the United States, China and India have increased their usage by 5.3 tons. Neither is inclined to reduce their consumption, in fact between the two of them one new coal fired electrical plant starts up every week.
And The Wind Just Keeps a Blow’n
Consumption of Coal by Country and year (million short tons)


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pages from a book

    Switching gears a bit this week. 

    I could see the jet, a C-130 turning on final approach, I grabbed the chalks and headed to the ramp.  When she touched down I could tell it was another U. S. Air Force bird with its markings painted over and CRF (Canadian Relief Force) stenciled on the wings and tail with the powder blue UN symbol.  As the pilot turned off the runway I raised my arms and started directing him into the parking spot, crossing my arms over my head I signaled to stop the jet as the nose wheels approached the square painted on the ramp. 
    When the jet stopped rolling I walked to the nose and placed the chalks in front and behind the nose tires.  The pilot shut down the engines and the main entrance door began to slowly open.  One young man stepped out and began looking over the aircraft then the pilots and a few other crewmembers stepped out.  I stood there quietly until they approached me. 

                Transport should be here any moment sir, do you need the bird closed up or any servicing?

Go ahead and bump the fuel up 30,000 lbs., we should be taking back off in one to two hours.

                I’ll have her ready Sir.

    As the crew walked away, I thought to myself, “Canucks my ass, their Americans, more weasels.”  I stepped up onto the ladder to get the cockpit ready for refueling, the cargo bay was dark except for the beams of light seeping in through the door and windows.  I reached in the cockpit and began flipping the switches when a voice came from behind me.

                                How are you doing today airman?

Not an airman Sir, just one of the few with aircraft experience in this area.  Doing my part in the recovery effort.

I guess the tone in my voice, exposed my true feelings. (Something just didn’t add up on what happened)

                                Yea, recovery effort… that’s what they’re calling it.

I turned around to see who I was talking with, the accent was definitely Canadian but I didn’t recognize the rank.

                What would you call it Sir? (Being a bit bold asking him this kind of question)

                                What would I call it… a damn shame is what I would call it.

Maybe I was finally going to get some information, find out what happened.

                How did the EMP strike get through NORAD, who launched the missiles?

He took a moment, he looked out the open door almost like he didn’t want to look me in the eye as he began to speak.

The missiles didn’t make it through NORAD, they were launched from the Minot AFB missile complex.  The EMP attacks were self-inflicted.

I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing but deep inside I suspected it or the retaliatory missile strike would have been launched way before the detonations I had seen that hot morning two months earlier.

                What about the riots, were the riots part of it?


                Was it U.S. military forces?

No, the riots were forces that had been brought in over a few years… the eleven million illegal aliens was actually more like thirteen million and three million plus… were insurgents.  All they had to do was wait until all the pieces were in place. When the immigration reform was pushed through by your government, the insurgents were free to prepare almost unabated. Initially they flooded the low end of the labor market causing high unemployment and a lowering of wages.  When the assimilation laws were passed the insurgents were supplemented with additional funds and benefits while the low income citizens of the United States lost more and more, causing more strife and unrest.  The urban areas stood ready to explode, it just took a little spark, a little agitation to set it off.  Weapons and ammunition had been stockpiled by factions within your government to arm the cells of insurgent fighters, replacing the missile crews at Minot was the last piece. The United States planned, funded and executed its own takeover. 

                How long has this been in work, who planned it… why?

Well from the best I can tell the UN Security Council began planning this five to six years or so back.  You ask “Why”, well they decided the United States had become too powerful, consuming too much of the world’s resources while sitting on vast resources needed by others.  The Security Council saw no viable possibility that the American public would peacefully change, parts of the public were just too belligerent.  The council couldn’t risk an all-out war that would destroy future food and resources production so they decided a more drawn out approach was needed.  Fill a few key positions within the government, wear down the military with drawn-out skirmishes while depressing the population with economic and social issues till they reached a tipping point and would not unite to fight back.

                So Canada was part of this?

No, not initially, representatives of the Canadian and Mexican governments were brought in and effectively told that we were either part of the solution or part of the problem.  Your country has been divided into five zones.  For our part we’re responsible to maintain order in the North Central zone until a provisional government can be set-up. Russia occupies the North Eastern zone, Arab contingency occupies the South Eastern zone, Latin forces control the South West and China has taken over the North West. The United States is to be transformed into an agrarian society, a resource stockpile for the worlds picking.

About that time the fuel truck pulled up to the wing but I wanted to know more.  I stepped out of the jet and walked towards the truck hoping he would follow and tell me more…
A few pages from a book, a work of fiction
or a history book of the future… I don’t know yet.

    What is an EMP???  Electromagnetic Pulse results from a high altitude detonation of a nuclear weapon (several hundred kilometers above the earth).  Generally, all unprotected electrical devices (on or off) will burn out from an induced voltage surge (a lightning strike on steroids).  Automobiles, computers, phones, refrigerators, television, etc… all gone.  The pulse has no effect on living tissue and doesn’t generate the nuclear fallout, heat and compression wave issues like low altitude or ground burst weapons do. 

Welcome to pre 1840.
      Electronics can be protected by placing them in a plastic container, then placing it into a metal container that can be closed (Faraday Cage principle minus any holes that the magnetic wave could pass through).  You might want to take a moment to look up EMP and Faraday Cage… Just to be acquainted with the concept.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Check your score yet

    At least one time or another you’ve seen an advertisement for checking your credit score, on the radio, TV, or as a pop-up on the computer screen.  It’s always a dire warning on how an un-expectantly bad score could keep you from qualifying for the house you want to buy or how the interest rate on the car you’re looking at getting is going to be higher than it needs to be.  There are three primary credit rating services, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, for the most part they use the credit score calculating method developed by FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation), the score is a predictive tool used in the risk involved in underwriting loans and insurance.  Somewhere towards the end of the advertisement they offer to come to your rescue and fix a low credit score… all for a nominal fee of course.

    Not once has Experian, TransUnion or Equifax ever talked to me.  They have never called to verify if their data is correct or to question any account or transaction, they’re tracking me digitally and feeding information about me into a program that spits out a number that affects my life.  I don’t see the repercussions on a daily basis but subconsciously it’s in the back of my mind directing my behavior.  What if this concept were applied in a different role?

  Are you ready to step in to a world that’s only a key stroke away?

    Listening the Sunday talk shows I caught a few passing comments on the NSA data collection controversy.  I didn’t catch who made the comments although I suspect it was James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence).
“To search for the needle in the haystack, we need the haystack first”

    I came across a formula by Corey Chivers (a statics specialist), he estimated given an accuracy rate of 99%, 1 in every 10,102 positive hits from the NSA’s algorithm would be an actual bad guy.  If the accuracy were less than 99% the ratio of bad guy to false positives could be 1 in 100,000.  How many investigators would it take to go through the backgrounds and activities of 10,102 citizens to identify the one bad guy? How long would it take? What if the ratio is the less generous 100,000?  The “Haystack” (data collected) is just too much to be a feasible reason to gather and retain for the type of search they have sited.  So far defenders have identified one instance of terrorist activity being thwarted by the program that has been growing since the mid-2000’s.  Mr. Obama has referred to this program as a “Modest Encroachment” it appears to be a modest encroachment that has netted modest results especially since the one success they have touted was a follow-up inquiry after human-intel initially identified the plot. 
    Later a question was asked, “What happens to the data that doesn’t lead to the so called Bad Guys… Will it be deleted?” 

                “Oh No… We’re keeping the data we’ve collected”

    The answer got my thoughts running, why in the world would they want to keep data that only made it more difficult for the PRISM program to do what it was intended to do… I’d want to clear the files so I could focus on the objective, the “Bad Guys”.

    Ok, they keep the data for whatever reason, let’s look at what the various agencies could do with a few key strokes.

IRS: Are you a productive citizen, contributing to the tax-base, also with their role in Obamacare what is your healthcare consumption.  Are you in the plus column being “Productive” or the minus column a “Burden” to society.

NSA (PRISM): Are you a “Rabble Rouser” did you call your representatives office, did you visit a political web page, did you re-tweet an opposing message, did you make a dissenting comment on Facebook. (Do you get a plus or minus).

                NLRB: Are you a union member, of a friendly union. (Is “Card Check” dead? +/-)

                DoD:  How does your current/previous military service stack-up vs. the current “Agenda”.

                NCIS:  Have you purchased a weapon at any time. (Plus or Minus column)

                DHHS:  Are you living an approved life style… smoker, a little overweight, diabetic (+/-)

    This is just a short list of agencies that are maintaining specific information on individuals, a list of agencies ripe for “Data Mining”.  The IRS has already proven it’s willing and capable of skirting legality, just say the word, same for the EPA, DoJ and who knows how many other agencies have done the same.  How long till it’s not the credit score but the Citizen Score System that’s tracking me digitally and feeding information about me into a program that spits out a number that affects my life.  How long till it’s the Citizen Score System that’s subconsciously in the back of my mind directing my behavior.  To quote Mr. Obama “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society…”  Well O, normally the choices made by a “society” are done before you’re caught.

    A wife’s call to her husband telling him to “Pick-up diapers on his way home”, a student’s e-mail saying she’ll “Be home for Thanksgiving”, even the politically inconvenient little story posted by an old-coot in a cornfield, none of them present a National Security risk… DELETE THEM!  The retention of this data begs for misuse by zealous political miscreants, something there seems to be no shortage of.  As the program stands in its current configuration it is useless as a predictive tool but as an extortion tool it could be almost 100% effective.  Will there be an advertisement in the future were somewhere towards the end of the advertisement they offer to come to your rescue and fix a low citizen score… all for a nominal fee of course. 

    Now to blindside you, I like us having the PRISM program, I like the intelligence agencies having the best tools to do their job… But aggressive oversight is needed!  More on this in the next post.   

It’s Just A Key Stroke Away


Side Note:  I’ve read several articles by liberal/progressive reporters calling for accountability and transparency on the scope of internal collection of data on citizens and the aggressive investigation tactics used on reporters… Fellas’ you gave Obama a pass for 5+ years (counting his first presidential campaign), the child is spoiled, learn to live with the BRAT you raised… the rest of us have.
Maybe in 3 years you’ll get a chance to do what you should have done 5+ years ago, honestly vett a Presidential Candidate.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


    On June 5th, during an “Emergency Hearing” the legal system had to intervene on the behalf of a 10-year-old little girl that has been awaiting a critical transplant needed to save her life.  There could have been many legitimate reasons for the delay… donor availability, tissue type, physical suitability but these weren’t the reasons given for blocking young Sarah Murnaghan from potential lifesaving organs.  No, the reason given is 12, the difference between life and death is a simple little number.

    In order to be eligible for adolescent or adult organs under the current rules, Sarah must be 12-years old.  Without the order from the Federal Judge, Lungs from a 13-year-old child, suitable in every way would have been denied to Sarah.  For the moment the decision will be between the doctor and the patient (guardians), as it should be.  The Murnaghan family fell victim to the bureaucracy involved in the organ donor system.  In every instance when dealing with a bureaucratic system, it will do what’s easy for its self, it will choose the path of least resistance which often means to delay, to deny… to do nothing.   Fortunately for the Murnaghan family they were a single case, able to get in front of a Federal Judge that had the time to consider their grievance.
    When the matter was initially brought to the attention of U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius she “Declined to Intervene”, then she went as far as to tell the Murnaghan family, that’s the way the GAME is played, “some live, some die.” (I wonder if the “GAME” would be played the same if it were her child).  Myself, I didn’t find her response surprising at all, Mrs. Sebelius decisions and actions have always been guided by political agenda or payoff (remember her strong-arm solicitation of donations from companies she has oversight authority of) she saw no “Up-side” in helping one little girl.  Kathleen Sebelius, an uber-bureaucrat, is sitting in a position that should be held by a HEALER!
    Can a Federal system that blatantly operates under the banner of “Reward Our Friends… Punish Our Enemies…” be trusted to make decisions better made by a Doctor and Patient or will it be just another IRS, EPA, etc… secret handshake department with Directors that advise subordinates to “Step on the first couple of NECKS… The rest will fall in line”.  In the end if the bureaucracy is too busy to take a moment to help one little girl, how will it handle 314 million citizens?  Are there enough Federal Judges to hear the flood of grievances?  Be it un-official, I can see a renaming of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to the Kevorkian or maybe Gosnell Department of Health and Human Services, slower, not as barefaced… but just the same. 

12 was the number used to delay, to deny Sarah…
I wonder, what will be MY number?

What will be YOUR NUMBER? 

My prayers for the Murnaghan family and may the Angels watch over you Sarah.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Genie’s out of the lamp

    To start this off right we’re going to have to take a quick jump back in time… say about forty years, the early 70’s.  I remember seeing bits and pieces of news broadcast, a few things that stick in my mind were the clips from the Vietnam War (maybe they were a bit graphic for a child my age), another thing I remember was the man that brought these stories to me, Mr. Walter Cronkite.  Back then (to me) he seemed to be a Grandfatherly figure calm and confident, bringing a view of the outside world to me.  The man had an air of intelligence, honesty and integrity about him that mesmerized me, it might as well have been Moses himself speaking from the mountain.   And of course the Watergate story and how journalist didn’t take “I’m not a crook” for an answer, they kept pressing and questioning till the full story was exposed.

     Stepping forward twenty years or so to October 1993, I was stationed at Royal Air Force Mildenhall in England when I saw the first reports of the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia (commonly referred to as Black Hawk Down) on the BBC News Channel.  Again the video clips I saw on BBC were graphic, the troops of the War Lords dragging the bodies of American Solders around, the people kicking and hacking away at them as they passed.  A few weeks later on one of the VHS tapes from my parents (I really missed American T.V. so they would record hours of programs for me) anyway I saw the same reports of the battle that were being shown in the U.S., but they were sanitized… any view of the troops were cut out.  At the time I didn’t think much of it, maybe it was out of respect for the families I thought but in my youth I had seen equally gruesome images from the Vietnam War nightly.  Another thing I noticed, the questions being asked by the reporters didn’t seem to press the point… What Happened?  Why?  I was involved in air refueling tanker operations and heavy airlift at the time and the murmuring was that additional equipment had been requested by the Commanders in Somalia but President Clinton refused the build-up request wanting to avoid the appearance of escalating hostilities (a little preview of Benghazi?).  The press had to be hearing the same things we were but they seemed to rarely question the White House press releases.

    Now another twenty year jump to today, it’s no longer isolated instances of journalist biting on the “Official Release”. Almost without exception journalist are quick to run with the “OFFICIAL” account they have been fed.  No longer can we look to the news agencies for that Grandfatherly figure, calm and confident, with an air of intelligence, honesty and integrity.  For the most part what we get is a journalistic version of a used car salesman peddling a lemon of a story hoping we’re suckers enough to buy it.  The cheapened version of (and I use this term loosely) Journalist have taken the magic lamp of trust and smashed it only to release the Genie inside… and I hope, to their dismay.  The Genie is everyday citizens, ordinary housewives, factory workers, students… even grumpy old Vet’s like me that have taken to the internet on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc…  We ask the questions that the professional journalist is unwilling to ask, we press the stories they refuse to cover, we are willing to point out the fact that the “Emperor” isn’t wearing any clothes in the middle of main stream media’s royal fashion report.

    Just to name a few, stories like Fast & Furious gun walking and Benghazi that the media was ready to write-off, the horror of Dr. Kermit Gossnel that the media had to be goaded into covering in its final days, or the fact that anyone bringing up IRS treatment of conservative groups was called a crack-pot by the media.  Now a force of citizens each with their own specialties, experiences and thoughts speak out to inform when possible, to empower, to embolden others to speak out.  We are slowly becoming the “Shapers” of public opinion, not by individually relaying stories on a national scale but by telling what each of us sees in our local communities, from our own front porches.  When our stories, our observations unite we not only shout-down the used-car salesmen journalist, we expose their omissions and lies. 

    Each day the credibility of the TWEET, The BLOG post or the FACEBOOK comment equals and much of the time surpasses the accuracy of journalist reports and the politician’s speech.  Unfettered by political expediency or agenda driven priorities the citizen is free to use critical thinking, common sense and often, just plain old gut instinct to pen their comments and articles.  You may be familiar with the Michelle Malkins’ and the Pat Dollards’ of cyberspace but you should consider stopping in on a few of the less well known contributors and adding them to your following list…  Each in their own right is worthy of an expanded audience.   Some are prolific writers others seek out and share interesting articles that don’t get national exposure, either way they each help to spread the truth that has become so obscured in the main stream media.

Will the Genie be put back into the lamp?

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