Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sit Down

    Much has been said lately about the speech given by Ashton Kutcher during the Teen Choice Awards, I even wanted to write an uplifting story to spotlight his Reaganist message, delivered in a contemporary voice that could connect with the young audience.  His words of work, opportunity and education were words that need to be repeated over and over to the youth of our nation.  At first I wanted so desperately to go down that path… but then I came across this list.

Father Maximus Church, Alexandria                                St George Church, Arish
Good Shepherds Monastery, Assiut                                Angel Michael Church, Assiut
St George Orthodox Church, Assiut                                 Al-Eslah Church, Assiut
Adventist Church, Assiut                                                    St Therese Church, Assiut
Apostles Church, Assiut                                                      Holy Revival Church, Assiut
Qusiya Diocese, Assiut                                                        Properties and Markets of Copts, Assiut
Coptic Homes, Assiut                                                          Bible Society, Assiut
The Nuns School, Beni Suef                                               St George Church, Beni Suef
St Fatima Basilica, Cairo                                                     Virgin Mary’s Church, Cairo
Bible Society Bookshop, Cairo                                          St Mary Church, Fayoum
St Damiana Church, Fayoum                                             St Theodore Church, Fayoum
Evangelical Church, Fayoum                                             Church of St Joseph, Fayoum
Franciscan School, Fayoum                                               Bible Society, Fayoum
Diocese of St Paul, Gharbiya                                             Father Antonios, Giza
Atfeeh Bishopric, Giza                                                        Coptic-owned Shops/Businesses, Luxor
Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram along with the house of Father Angelos (Pastor), Minya
St Mina Church, Minya                                                       Baptist Church, Minya
Monastery, Minya                                                               Delga Church, Minya
The Jesuit Fathers Church, Minya                                    St Mark Church, Minya
St Joseph Nunnery, Minya                                                 Amir Tadros Church, Minya
Evangelical Church, Minya                                                 Anba Moussa al-Aswad Church, Minya
Apostles Church, Minya                                                     Coptic Homes, Minya
YMCA, Minya                                                                        Offices of Evangelical Foundation, Minya
Dahabeya Nile Boat, Minya                                               St Mary’s Church, Qena
St George Church, Sohag                                                    St Damiana, Sohag
Virgin Mary, Sohag                                                              St Mark Church & Community Center, Sohag
Anba Abram Church, Sohag                                               St Saviours Anglican Church, Suez
Franciscan Church and School, Suez                                Holy Shepherd Monastery and Hospital, Suez
Good Shepherd Church, Suez                                            Greek Orthodox Church, Suez

This is a list of Christian Churches, Schools, Organizations, Businesses, Hospitals and Homes in Egypt that have been looted, vandalized, burnt and destroyed by members of the Muslim Brotherhood  and its supporters over the past week (close to 60, well over 60 by now).

Not only has property been damaged but Priest have been kidnapped (most likely tortured and murdered over the past days).  Nuns have been brutalized and raped.  Christian families have been attacked, beaten, murdered and the young girls of these families (some as young as 12) are taken away repeatedly raped and then tossed into the street as discarded trash.  All of this can be traced back to the tinkering, the meddling, the policies and the manipulation of Obama, a man that Ashton Kutcher publicly supported (and I suspect still does).  So unless he is willing to publicly disavow the Obama administrations destructive policies, I have no time for him.  Vengeance is the Lord’s… I will leave forgiveness in his hand also…  I am not so starved for Liberals to see the truth that a few words will make it all better.  Mr. Kutcher, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

“Oh my God, I didn’t know it was this bad.”

“These folks are just days or weeks away from all-out bloodshed”
A quote from Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham during a joint press conference on their recent Egyptian visit.  REALLY???  Between the two of you and the committees you head or sit on, there should be no surprises.  You both have staffs to sift through mounds of information, agencies at your beckoning call and the best you can come up with is “I didn’t know it was this bad.”  A not-so-small fortune is spent on you so we don’t have to hear “I didn’t know.”

Mr. McCain, I’m a retired Air Force Crew Chief, I took care of the jets that pilots strapped on.  Above all else the safety, the lives of my aircrews were my first priority.  I did this by knowing, knowing my jet, knowing my crews mission, knowing my duties, my responsibilities.  I never wanted to look into the eyes of a wife, of a child and explain Daddy isn’t coming home because “I Didn’t Know…” when it was my job to know.  My final Mid-East deployment was my Commanders first, I pulled the Saint George medallion (that I had worn for years) from my neck and placed it in the sleeve pocket of his flight suite before launching him on his first bomber mission in a jet that I knew would bring it and him back safely.  I never met a pilot I wouldn’t lay my life down to protect… but I guess I’m no longer a Crew Chief… and you’re no longer a Pilot.  Gentlemen (term used loosely), I’m sitting in a Southern Indiana cornfield and I saw this coming.  What have you been watching the past several months?  NEVER MIND, JUST SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

    Finally, our absentee Commander-in-Chief Obama, every time he has obtained any level of authority from low-level academia through mid-level community organization to national prominence his divisive, destructive and manipulative antics have resulted in a trail of devastation.  His track record of being unconcerned with the safety and welfare of others is now firmly entrenched.  While SEAL Team 6 went after Osama bin Laden he played cards, while the attacks played out in Benghazi Obama slept, now as the undefended Christians of Egypt are brutalized, raped and slaughtered at the hands of his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama vacations… again, (ever notice, when the $%!# hits the fan O runs away and hides).

Going on five years now we have endured, the world has endured, Obama’s Islamic propaganda; “the most beautiful sound” “a religion of peace” “ Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings” “dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.”  As with all propaganda, once exposed to the light it turns out to be a lie.  Islam is no longer a religion (if it ever was), Islam is nothing more than an excuse (a poor one at that), an excuse to brutalize, to torture, to rape, to pursue pedophile urges, to butcher, to murder.  Anyplace Islam is left to fester unchecked crushing oppression is the results, basic human rights are non-existent and instability/terrorism is exported.  The Muslim Brotherhood was propped up, financed and armed by Obama (using U.S. taxpayer money), this emboldened them to be dictatorial and non-inclusive of the Egyptian population.  Obama, you are fairly young with a long life before you, your legacy has been carved in stone with the blood of Egyptian Christians, the bodies of innocent children, the nation of Egypt rest upon your doorstep.  Obama, SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE …. UP!

    This is my 96th story in the year and a half that I’ve been writing, just over 17,000 page views.  There have only been two stories that were difficult for me to write, the disappointment brought by the actions of one solder in Kill People and Break Things and the anger as a father telling the story of Malala’s Courage.  Both are paled by the emotions I feel right now.  The anger knowing this need not have happened, knowing that the mainstream media will never tell this story.  My sadness knowing thousands have needlessly suffered and thousands, perhaps millions more will suffer over the next few years, because of men content to set the world ablaze if it won’t conform to their warped vision.  There will be no speech, no behind-the-scene political deal and no peace-keeping action that will stop the atrocities or the horrors that will be endured. 
Maybe the only comfort I will find is that I did not stand by silently.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spoiled Brat

    The other day I stopped in a local grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread, as I walked up to the checkout a little round boy (maybe 11 or 12) buzzed past me pushing me out of his way.  I took a moment of pause and considered calling him on barging past me but instead I watched as he went for the candy.  Almost indiscriminately he grabbed a hand full of candy from one box, then another and another, then he flung the bundle onto the checkout counter scattering treats from one end to the other.  The lady at the register glanced at me and rolled her eyes as she began scooping the mess into a pile, I gave her a little nod to go ahead and take care of the kid (I was in no rush). 

    She began dragging the candy bars, pixy stix and twizzlers across the scanner, finally she finished with a total of $15 and change.  The boy pulled a $5 bill from his pocket handing it to the lady, she looked at him and said "That’s not enough”.  He huffed and slammed his fist on the counter, turned and looked in my direction then started screaming “I need more money!”  A bit shocked I stepped back and looked around, then I noticed a man standing a few feet behind me, I stepped aside allowing him to pass.  He looked at the ranting boy and said “You have your allowance, maybe you should put some back” this really set the boy off, he came back with “NO! You need to give me more money!”  The man began to reach into his pocket.  I lowered my head shaking it back and forth in disbelief… I held the loaf of bread up as I stepped around the dysfunctional pair and passed the lady a couple of bucks.
    As I drove home thoughts of what I had witnessed drifted in and out, I thought someday that little monster will be an adult and people are going to have to deal with him, maybe I’ll have to deal with him again someday.  Little did I know I was only a few short moments away from that thought coming to be, little did I know I was only moments away from being told what I “needed to do” by a brat. I turned the T.V. on when I got home, and within seconds a clip came on showing a man speaking, he said.
“The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it” he followed with “The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right, to run programs of the United States: health, welfare, housing, all these things…”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36bjRh9rcd8
    The man was Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison (D), it sounds like in his opinion the government has a “RIGHT” to take as it sees fit.  Do I take a moment of pause, bite my lip and let this spoiled brat have his rant… I THINK NOT!  Fella, its time someone tells you something your father should have told you long ago. 

    You get an allowance, you have your allowance but you keep pissing it away.  There is no reason for those TRULY in need to go without necessary services.  The system “The Programs” you hailed are a rot with fraud, waste and abuse.  Let me give you a few examples of the wasted funds.

After causing a horrific accident while driving under the influence, Boston party girl Vivencia Bellegarde was found not only with one but three EBT welfare cards under different names and berated the investigating officer for paying for food when she gets it for free.  She is 25, healthy and an illegal immigrant.  If her name doesn’t ring a bell, google it and catch up… or search the name Edwin Alemany, it also has some nice EBT card abuse reading.

National Reviews Jillian Melchior exposed fraud and abuse in the Lifeline cellphone program (Obama phone), after telling the vendor she was not qualified for the program she was signed up eight times and received three free cellphones.  Even if she was qualified, by FCC rule she is limited to one phone, not three.

The Internal Revenue Service sent 23,994 fraudulently requested tax refund checks to the same address in Atlanta GA. The total, over $46 million.  Additionally, over 11,000 refund deposits were made into two bank accounts amounting to over $7.5 million.  Three locations received over 35,000 refunds, totaling over $53.5 million. $53.5 million gone.

I could list the billions of dollars pumped into Egypt to prop up a failed Islamic dictatorship, the hundreds of millions spent on green energy scams, or the hundreds of millions wasted by government agencies on over-the-top conferences (parties) but to be honest, it’s starting to become depressing and Mr. Ellison just isn’t worth it.

Note to Mr. Ellison, there is no government Bill of Rights, government has responsibilities and is accountable (two concepts that has been lost to you and your cohorts).  Be as much of a spoiled brat as you wish, stomp your feet, slam your fist, hold your breath till you turn blue for all I care, I’m not reaching into my pocket any more.  You’re going to have to decide, you can take care of what needs to be done or you can keep pissing it away but no more money, if anything maybe less. 

It’s time to put the candy
back on the shelf kiddo.

All of it.