Friday, July 5, 2013


    Upon the altar lies the victim, the unblemished lamb.  The high Priest steps forward, the sharpened stake in hand.  With few a ritual words proceeding the sacrament, the sharpened stake is raised, then plunged into the sacrifice.  The blood of the unblemished lamb is spilt.  For the moment the demands of the covenant have been met, the thirst of the almighty is quenched…  The vessel of the lamb is risen and led away from the altar.  The next victim is led to the altar, the demands of the covenant must be met, the thirst for fresh blood must be quenched.  The sacrament is repeated over and over.  The congregation voices its approval with cheers, the congregation joyously dances and repeats chants calling for more.

    A passage from the Torah or the old testament… No, the passage is from the headlines of the news, the words of our politicians, the actions of physicians, and the chants of the public.

    For some time now bits and pieces of separate stories have been rolling around in my thoughts, for some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling they were all one tale, though they all dealt with abortion I just couldn’t tie them together.  The Gosnell abortion murder trial, Nancy Pelosi’s “Sacred Ground” remark and the joyful cheering of the crowd outside the Texas Legislator after disturbing/filibustering proposed restrictions on abortion clinics within the state and their chants… “Hail Satan!” (a very telling choice of words, see link to video at the end).

    Then I came across this little statement that brought it all together for me.

“When the killing of unborn babies energizes your party, you may be evil.”
(By @dmbatten)

    I was slammed by the clarity, everything was exposed.  Progressivism is a new religion. The cheering crowd (the Democrat Voter) is its congregation.  The Sacrament, abortion… High Priest, the abortionist… The blood thirsty GOD of the Progressive religion, the politician…  Think of this simple fact, a congregation willing to joyfully sacrifice the youngest and most innocent among them, will be willing to sacrifice anything demanded of them.
    Although Nancy Pelosi claims to be a Catholic she used the word “Sacred” in defending abortion, her selection of the word is again telling and should not be overlooked.  The crimes of Gosnell as horrific as they were, had the children still been within the vessel, the mothers (even partially) it would have been legal and acceptable.  The chant, “Women’s Health Issue” “Personal Choice” or that the aborted children are just “Blobs of Tissue” are nothing more than phrases used to deflect attention away from the truth, a child that is capable of feeling pain is being gouged, ripped at and murdered.  Finally the man-god of the religion, Obama has displayed a vengefulness, an infatuation with being “Hands-on” in selecting targets from his “Kill List” and has instigated violent bloody altercations while standing idly by when able to stop others, the man-god enjoys the pain of others and has a blood lust.
    If you are an Obama supporter or align yourself with the Democratic Party its time you face the truth… you are a member of the Progressive Death Cult, your “mass” is held daily at the local abortion clinic, your communion is from the flesh of the unborn, your wine the blood of the most innocent, a child.  Much like Islam, the Progressive Cult is intolerant of any other Religion, it has begun to openly bare its fangs.  The Republican Party doesn’t fare much better, they have also been tainted by the infectious religion of Progressivism.  It’s time we demand better from our representatives, we need to support the good men and women, weed-out the deadwood and fight the EVIL ones.

    I was born into a Catholic family but lost my way very early, I trudged on for 40+ years with a day to day existence not a bad man but not a good man either… then just a few short years back I had another moment of clarity, spiritual clarity, not born of tragedy or crises more of a light touch and a soft whisper “I’ve got something for you to do”.  At 50-years-old, I was never a big reader but I began devouring books on the Catholic Faith.  I was not a writer but I began writing.  I didn’t know anything about putting my stories, my thoughts on the internet, someone was sent to show me.  Now I know why.

    I put this challenge out to all Catholics (and anyone else that will join me) start contacting your representatives not just once or twice but over and over.  Hammer them on their voting record if they aren’t supporting what we know to be good and right, commend them and let them know you support them if they are. (Don’t trust what they say, you can find their voting records here )  Use e-mail, their web sites, Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, contact them anyway you can.  I used this web site again to get the contact information in under a minute I sent tweets to all the Indiana reps. so I pulled up Kentucky and why not hit Ohio… in under ten minutes I hit the representatives of three states voicing my view.  We also need to invest time and treasure to support the good men and women willing to champion our fight not just the ones from your own district but all districts, all states because every vote affects all of us.  Time is short, if you haven’t noticed the Progressive cult has been working hard to undermine our Faith and with each passing day they become more embolden.  The mid-term elections will be critical to reversing the damage that has been done and thwart the plans they have for us in the future, 16 short months away.  If you have the time check your state and local level politicians too, a lot of them need a bit of guidance also.

    Our battle doesn’t hinge on abortion alone but that is the unholy sacrament that they prize the most, the most evil of them wear the moniker “Pro Choice” as a badge of high standing within their Death Cult.  The Progressive Religions Almighty (Obama) while touring the nations of Africa has repeatedly demanded these nations add abortion as a right to their Constitutions… he has demanded more sacrifices be made, his thirst for innocent blood is yet to be quenched.

To stand silent, to remain unresisting in the presence of evil is to submit to evil… to promote evil.

I hope you too feel the light touch
Hear the soft whisper
Have a moment of clarity


  Please share this, please pass it along…
E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, even print off copies if needed.  Open the eyes of those around you.
Hail Satan Video:


  1. Wow Tom, that was powerful. Excellent and so true. Yes, they are the party of death- not just because of abortion being their "Sacred cow" but so many things that they support be it redistribution of everyone else's wealth but their own- only so they can keep poor people poor for votes, socialized healthcare when all other nations which have it are proven to have to ration care for those who aren't "fit" to live.
    I could go on and on, but I won't. Thank you for this. I pray people will wake up and see that the party who denied God 3 times at their national convention is a servant to the enemy of God.

  2. Islam will fall but not soon enough before we lose more of the precious lives of our innocent soldiers.Pray that God spares them from torture.Good Christians are blind to the fact that Obama is without Christ in his life.We need to save a list of everyone in DC because it is going to take weeks of protest that rally those of LBJ and Vietnam.Until we stop giving our money to parties and start paying protestors our voices will continue to be ignored.