Saturday, June 29, 2013

O.K. and WPA

Two little thoughts, two little stories this week.

…it’s all O.K. now
    As I read the Tweet I could sense the glee in the writer’s words:

“Newly revealed document shows IRS TARGETING leftist too”

  The first thought that came to mind was “DUH, the IRS is a government agency… of course they’re going to F-UP and snag the wrong organization every now and again”.  I opened the attached link to read the story (something that the sender must have failed to do) reading the little quip of a press release I found that the BOLO (be on the lookout) list used by the IRS identified the words “Progressive” and “Occupy” as cause for extra scrutiny…
    OH JOY, a word (or two) was on a list… not that any “Progressive” group came forward with complaints of delays or harassment (I wish they would, just to add more fuel to the fire of reasons to shut the IRS down).  Either way, the harassment of any group, conservative, liberal, religious, etc… by the IRS is cause for alarm and action (something lost on the tweet sender, but in her mind [@theReasonists] it’s all O.K. now).  The administration isn’t going to do anything other than reward the miscreants involved, but I have another thought.  I’d love to see any/all conservative organization involved bring suit for actual and punitive damages against the IRS for violating their Civil Rights, “Fair and Equal Treatment Under the Law” that’s what Dr. King fought for, that’s what many lives have been laid down for.

    The premise is very simple and clear, one organization, one group of people was targeted because of a word on a list while another, any other that also should have been targeted because of a word on the same list wasn’t… 
    Again, fair and EQUAL treatment under the law.

    Think of it this way.  A movie theater has a list saying to limit admittance of any green people and of any purple people also. 40 purple people try to buy a tickets all but one are turned away, 20 green people try to buy tickets but only 19 are allowed in, one is turned away.  Equal treatment?  Both were on the list, some got in, some didn’t.
  Not many things in life are a lock but this is the proverbial “WIN/WIN” situation for any of the targeted groups of people. 

1.)    The IRS admits to violating equal treatment under the law… PAYDAY!

2.)    The IRS brings evidence of targeting O’s base equally, putting a spotlight on what would be another of O’s big lie’s “Reward Our Friends” this can’t happen, because they weren’t targeted. (but I’d be ROTFL and DNPMP)

The official tally for those of you keeping score at home:

Conservative Originations targeted, 292… Progressive, 6… Yes, it’s all O.K. now.

Ma’am [@theReasonists], you are a vast cesspool of inspiration!
Just pushing your buttons, Keep’m Coming Pal

War Powers Act
    The War Powers Resolution of 1973, is a law intended to check the president’s power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress (Passed by the Democratic controlled legislative branch, over riding then President Nixon’s veto).  As one war winds down another begins to escalate at O’s direction, Afghanistan and Syria may be the first thoughts that come to mind but these aren’t the wars I’m talking about. 

    As the IRS war on conservative organizations winds down O has called for intensified hostilities by the EPA to bring down the American coal industry and the electrical producers it supports.  Again, O has vowed to “Go around Congress” to pursue this economic assault on American Industry, Labor Force and Population.  
War is defined as: Bending an enemy, opponent, foe or advisory to your will by the use of overt/covert actions to include conventional and unconventional means.  Economic Warfare is just such an example of unconventional warfare.

    O has openly used the term “Enemy” and other such words to describe citizens, organizations and industries of the United States.  One of his senior advisors, Daniel Schrag, in a June 25th interview blatantly called for a “War on Coal”.  

     According to the 1973 Resolution O has 60 days of activity and 30 days to withdraw from a conflict for a total of 90 days if Congress does not approve further action. O literally started unconventional warfare on both fronts on day one of his first term, he is well past the 90 day limit of the War Powers Act.  There is one small detail that must be brought to light “armed conflict” not that active discharge of weapons must occur but that an armed force is used.  As long as the IRS and EPA maintains one weapon, one round of ammunition within their agencies they meet the legal definition of an Armed Force.  Also geography location or the opponent need not be a nation, the war on terrorism is not against any nation.  We are not at war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc…  It’s time for Congress to invoke their privilege under provisions of The War Powers Resolution of 1973 and demand Obama, EPA, and any other armed agency cease and desist the “War on Coal” stop all actions overt/covert, discontinue all conventional/unconventional activities with the purpose of bending coal associated industries to your will.  If the legal Congressional demand is not met, immediately defund the EPA putting a halt to this illegal war.

    O is fascinated with using laws and procedures for unintended situations and activities…
“Go around Congress”?
Time he gets a taste of the same.  The criteria fits, use it!

It’s a bit warm but I’m going out’n lighting up a Big-O nasty chunk of Southern Indiana Coal…
Just for spite!
Keep Digging Boys


BTW: Over the past 10-years, for every ton reduction of coal use in the United States, China and India have increased their usage by 5.3 tons. Neither is inclined to reduce their consumption, in fact between the two of them one new coal fired electrical plant starts up every week.
And The Wind Just Keeps a Blow’n
Consumption of Coal by Country and year (million short tons)



  1. Love your way of pointing out that dear leader has declared war on Conservatives- and he's using every bit of arsenal he has. From the IRS, to the DHS's ammo hording, to NSA, Amnesty fight, 2nd Amendment fight, EPA... and oh joy (to borrow from you) he's even drafted a bunch of rinos to help.
    Excellent 'two-fer' Tom! Thank you.

  2. Tom, you do such a great job in explaining exactly What that sOb is up to. Thank you!!!