Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obamanation faces Obamageddon

    This is it, the moment of truth…  We find ourselves standing once again on the edge of the cliff (and so soon. Weren’t we just here a few short weeks back?)  Anyway, Obama’s sequestration apocalypse looms before us.  Despite O’s warnings, we may have to endure the horrors of the massive 2.4% reduction in the GROWTH of Federal spending.  Think about it, departments in the Federal Government are screaming because they may have to do the same thing this year as they did last year with more money than they had last year but they want even more money.  Obama’s lips are moving so you know the words “More Revenues” are going to dribble out… again… and again.  He’s back on the corporate jet kick, so I crunched the government estimate numbers to see what a years’ worth of Corporate Jet taxes would cover vs. spending.  I can see why he’s after such a lucrative target, the revenue brought in by closing the loophole will cover almost 9 seconds of government spending. We’re talking making a big dent in the debt there buddy… What about the other 31,535,991 seconds of spending in the year?

    The “Never Let a Crisis go to Waste” Road Show has been putting in the overtime and racking up the frequent Liar… I mean Flyer miles.  O has stood in front of police, firefighters, EMS, and teachers warning they will all lose their jobs (I wonder, what do my state and local taxes get spent on), he's gone to the Newport shipyard spouting the same message to the workers there.    Not only has O been pounding the pavement, his minions have been screaming the same dire warning in front of any camera they can find.  Janet Napolitano announced that “Illegal aliens in immigration detention facilities have already been released in advance of potential budget cuts…” bear with me here, the department is still funded as normal but criminals are being released???  Let’s say the budget cuts don’t happen, what is ICE going to do then, send letters out to the criminals telling them “Come back, We Fucked-UP…” (IDIOTS).  ICE is funded to house 34,000 detainees, on average they have approximately 30,000 to 31,000 detainees lodged in detention facilities at $125 per person per day… I’m thinking the tax paying public is due a rebate for work not performed (3,500 X $125 X 365 = $159,687,500).  Where did that cash go?  Still just another minute and 15 seconds of government spending… (Again, IDIOTS).     

    The danger is so ominous that the funds for departments and agencies that don’t even exist are in jeopardy of being cut.  Obama warned the $20 Million budget for the National Drug Intelligence Center may lose as much as $2 Million.   The National Drug Intelligence Center doesn’t exist anymore it closed in June 2012, (I think they can do without the whole $20 million).  Now he’s just pulling stuff out of his A$$.
    Me being the Mr. Helper that I am, I looked into some of the pitfalls that await us if the sequester (or) Obamageddon kicks in.

Obamageddon… Pythons will overrun New Hampshire, eating dogs, cats and small children. (Pythons really like March snow).
Obamageddon… Peace loving Islamic Jihadist will be flying long range bombers over all major U.S. cities.

Obamageddon… Mississippi River will flow backwards flooding the entire state of Illinois. (We’ll miss you).

Obamageddon… We’ll all have to take 2nd jobs feeding sick children to old people. (I don’t like being around sick children, all that whining and runny nose stuff).

Obamageddon… California will slip off into the ocean. (Been promising us that for years… still waiting).

Obamageddon… All airline pilots will suddenly forget how to fly and crash. (2,000+ flights under my belt… I’ll just stay on the ground and dodge’em as they tumble from the sky).

Obamageddon… (Speaking of airlines) Airport TSA lines will be so slow passengers should bring caskets, they will most likely die of old age while waiting. (Maybe they should put in express lanes manned by “Hijack Free Zone” signs… according to liberals “Gun Free Zone signs really work”). 

Obamageddon… Ships will no longer be able to float on water.

Obamageddon… Gasoline will skyrocket to $4 or more a gallon (Ooop’s that already happened).
Obamageddon… Gravity will shut off in Wyoming and everybody will fly off into space. (What is that, seventeen people?)
Obamageddon… Mars will shift its orbit blocking out the Sun over the U.S.
Finally the horror of all horrors, Obamageddon…MOOchelle will be limited to twelve White House bakery pies… a day… She’ll make us all pay for that!   
    OK, I let my inner smart-a** out for a bit but really folks, its 2.4%, that’s a rounding error for the Government.  How much did we all lose in our take-home pay after Jan. 1st, how much has the jump in gasoline prices pulled from our own budgets?  Myself, it’s an 8% plus hit on my bottom line, if politicians were serious about getting a handle on our financial problems that would be a good target for them to shoot for.  Any pain felt from the sequester (Obamageddon) is going to be deliberately inflicted for political purposes so the growth and spending can continue.
    The likely effect is nothing really changes, Monday the sun rises for another day, we get up, we go to work, we come home, and the sun sets.  Government agencies and programs swallow more money, we hear of more waste, all the while listening to the constant drone of the calls for more revenue and “fair share”    
For now I think I’ll fire up the grill, pop a cold one and watch the “Obamanation” crumble under the strain of the 2.4% cut in GROWTH… or I’ll just go to work… I haven’t decided yet.  Either way we better rest-up for the next weekly crises.

Till next week… if we’re still here ;-)

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Monday, February 25, 2013

MSM Broom Job… Colorado to D.C.

    Each Monday when I post a new story I get a feeling of accomplishment (and a bit of excitement looking forward to the feedback) but it soon gives way to just a touch of anxiety, what will I write about this week.  I don’t know why I give into the feeling it only takes ten minutes of looking at the world around me or listening to the people I see each day, then I‘ve got a bucket load of ideas (sometimes a truckload).  Today was one of those days.

    A standard Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 19th), wake-up, start the coffee, step out on the front porch for a smoke and greet the day that for most is coming to an end (I’m a night-shifter).  Stepping back in the house I pour a stout cup of bean brew and flip on the news.  Slap, Slap, Slap, the first thing I’m hit with is a video of Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar (Dem.) arguing for a concealed-weapons ban on college campuses… (WTF, more “Gun Free Zone” signs, better known as “Free Picking Zones” to criminals).  Then Rep. Salazar went on to say women should feel safe because “… we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have whistles”.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I just shook my head.

    As if that story wasn’t enough, it was followed by University of Colorado suggested actions a woman should take if attacked.  They came up with 10 tips that ranged from telling the attacker you’re nasty, have a disease or menstruating… (I’m sure the attacker would say “In that case, I’ll wait for the next young lady”).  They also suggested the woman should make herself nasty by vomiting, urinating and by implication defecating on herself to ward off a would be attacker, (I may be wrong but I don’t think the attacker is looking for someone with bodily control to take home to meet the family).  Finally they suggested the victim just SHEEPLE-UP and submit to the attacker, “passive resistance” as they call it, to hopefully avoid “more harm” (are they really that clueless on what rape is?).

    Both Democratic Rep. Salazar and the agenda towing Univ. of Colorado approach the horrible crime of rape with the fantasy view that its nothing more than all-be-it unwanted, a simple sexual encounter that if not thwarted with feel good tactics of nonviolence can be endured for a few moments, then life continues.  They couldn’t be more WRONG! 

    Rape is the violent abusive domination of an individual that includes but often not limited to forced penetration.  If it were about the simple sexual act… $20 on the street corner would be the easier route for a would-be attacker.  Rep. Salazar made no mention of the often coma or death inducing beatings rape victims endure at the hands of their attacker.  He failed to note the years spent by surviving victims to overcome the physical and mental trauma.  I’m thinking Democratic Rep. Salazar needs a different perspective on the subject.

    I’ll take up a collection to pay for Rep. Salazar to spend a long weekend in New York’s Rikers Island detention facility (general population of course).  I’ll give him a cute little “call box”, a shiny new “whistle” and a “safe zone” sign for his bunk, I’ll even toss in a rape free zone T-shirt (printed front and back).  What I expect he would face would not have anything to do with homosexuality, nothing to do with the absence of women, what he would face is violent abusive domination.  This may be a bit presumptuous of me but I’d say he’d be answering to his new name, Joann within the first few hours.
    I’m looking for a word, a term that describes a person that dictates to others how to face a danger that they themselves will never face… what would that term be… Found it!
                                                                   MORAL COWARD!    

    Sir, I’ll give you this, in case you ever do find yourself in that position, I’ll call it tip 11.  During the POW training in Survival School one of the instructors said “If comes a time you think you can’t take the pain, try to go someplace else in your mind.  Tell yourself that’s not ME, that’s not my body… Let your mind take you away… If you can.”  Sir, this little tip is more than you offered to the young ladies that you see fit to dictate to.

    For as much as I ranted about a week-old news story that held the news outlets attention for a day (if covered at all), could you imagine the headlines had a “Conservative” made such an outlandish statement.  We would be getting a daily bombardment of headlines and teasers like “Conservatives Call for the Legalization of RAPE on Colorado Campuses”.  Anderson Cooper would be sporting a new “Ribbon” on his jacket lapel signifying solidarity with the millions of future rape victims.  Chris Matthews would devote the next two weeks bellowing for the immediate resignation of all conservatives in the Colorado General Assembly.  We may even be treated to a Presidential Statement bemoaning the Republican “War on Women”.  Sound over-the-top, how many hours, days, weeks did they devote to a sip of water?  Still it pops up.           

    What if there was a conservative U.S. Senator under FBI investigation for apparently patronizing a child prostitute (in my view another form of rape, a child cant consent to engage in that type of activity).  Ethics committee members would be searching out every TV camera they could find saying

“It’s not the weight of the evidence that is important.  It’s the seriousness of the charges.”
It’s been said before (but only when a conservative is involved).  Well there is an on-going FBI investigation but it a Democratic U.S. Senator under investigation for patronizing (Raping) a child prostitute, so the only thing we hear is a broom sweeping it under the rug. 

Kicking at the Lumps in the RUG!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Good Dog

    I’ve spent two thirds of my adult life standing on the proverbial wall, two thirds of my adult life guarding the proverbial gate to the city.  I’ve jumped many times to the late night call, leaving my wife and children with little more than a light kiss upon their cheeks and a soft whisper “Daddy will be back”.  I pushed myself further than I ever imagined I could go. I endured the hot and cold climates of far off lands.  I endured scant comforts and limited basic necessities many times.  I never thought to question what I endured or why I need to be separated from my family for months.  After all, I was a “Good Dog” guarding the flock.

    Those years are gone, now I’m an old dog, a bit slower, a bit tired, content to lay quietly in the pasture with the flock but still willing to fight if the wolf comes-a-prowling.  The flock has been protected from the dangers that await them just beyond the edge of their little field, they do not know the fights the good dogs have waged and continue to wage for them.  They know nothing of the sacrifices that have been made or will be asked.  Now because I’m old and lay quietly some of the sheep of the flock feel the need to step on me, push me, and disrespect me.  Never once does the thought cross their mind as they harass me, that although I have spent years protecting them, I’m more a-kin to the wolf than the sheep…  If the good dog is lying quietly, maybe it’s best to leave it be.     
    I wrote this little passage as a comment to an essay by William A. Levinson (Armed Citizens are Responsible Citizens) posted on the American Thinker web page.  Mr. Levinson began with a rebuttal to the speech supporting gun control given by Mrs. Gabrielle Giffords (former D-AZ Rep. and shooting victim).  He recounted three examples of law abiding armed citizens stepping in at great personal risk to put a stop to the mayhem they had walked into.  He later describes these heroes as “Sheep Dogs at Need”, non-professional protectors of society.  All societies have their professional “Sheep Dogs”. Soldiers, police, firefighters and EMS, people who train and are paid to protect society or “The Flock” but the “sheep dog at need” chooses to protect or aid out of a sense of responsibility.  That’s not to say the professional doesn’t share that same sense of responsibility (the pay normally isn’t sufficient compensation) but they are well aware of the risk they may face daily.
    Later in his essay, Mr. Levinson made a simple statement that gave me an insight into the dramatic polarization we see in our nation, “Sheep Don’t Tell Sheep Dogs What to Do” that’s what pulled the comment from me.  As demands for restrictions on types of weapons or capacity are bantered about, sales skyrocket.  Who are the ones really calling for these restrictions, the sheep of the flock looking for a sense of safety and conformity?  Or is it possible there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing stirring amongst the flock, leading the calls… after all, sheep are sheep, they follow and do as they are told.
    The call has gone out before, and it’s in place in certain areas where the sheep dogs have been rendered toothless  (Chicago comes to mind, police have announced they will no longer respond to 911 calls deemed less serious).  Without failure, every time the prospect of facing resistance has been eliminated the wolves of the world have claimed the pastures for themselves… and lead the sheep to slaughter.

    So be it the sheep or the wolf calling for the DOG’s of the Nation to conform, transform, and become sheep… I have one thought for them as they watch the sale of weapons and ammunition continue at record pace, just consider it the warning glint of a strong and sharp fang.

    Many of you would have expected to be reading about O’s State of the Union speech… Sorry, but it sounded like the same old campaign mode BS he’s been spewing for the past five years (he needs some new writers or at least keep them away from the copy machine).  He did bring up a new hairball idea, now he wants to expose 4 year-old children to the public school indoctrination system.  I guess parents are filling their children’s heads with the wrong ideas and he needs to get to them sooner.  It takes a lot of effort to bring up compliant, submissive, dependent “Sheeple”.   There was one young pup (7 year-old boy) expelled from Mary Blair Elementary School, in Loveland CO.  His crime? He tossed an imaginary grenade into a box that contained make-believe evil forces; the young pup was saving the world.  A pup at play, a natural “Sheep Dog” in-the-making if I ever saw one!

Keep it up PUP

Link to Mr. Levinson full essay:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Get A Big Wallet

    I saw this coming.  The national executive board for the Boy Scouts of America held a closed door meeting this past week to consider lifting the ban on gays within its organization.  In recent years the Scouts have been faced with financial pressure from loss of contributions and sponsorships of several corporations.  Companies such as UPS, Intel, Merck and others have caved to demands from Gay Rights Activist to withhold financial support.  What companies do with their funds is up to them and causes or associations they choose to align themselves with, again is their choice.
    As far as the decision yet to be made by the national council I hope they have considered this simple fact, Gay Activist are not looking for inclusion, access and equality.  No one is stopping them from developing their own group based upon their own values.  They are looking to infiltrate, subvert, damage and ultimately destroy another conservative organization that has its roots in traditional values.  Think about it, putting a person that defines themselves by their sexual desire in a position of trust and power over children…  They are not asking to become a troop leader; they are demanding to be “A Gay Troop Leader”.  (This should be your first clue as to their intent)
    As I stated, Gay Activist goal is “to infiltrate, subvert, damage and ultimately destroy” and I have a very simple “Litmus Test” will the LGBT groups accept all cost of any action brought against the BSA organization for accusations relating to sexual misconduct with a child by a “Gay Troop Leader” will corporations like UPS and Merck sign an agreement to absorb these cost if needed?  Crickets will be the response from them and the Boy Scouts will be on their own to deal with the financial burden.  You only need to look at religious organizations that have gone through this ordeal.  Plus they (religious organizations) didn’t openly invite sexually focused persons into their ranks; the executive board will be asking the organizations 1,400 members to consider doing just that during a vote at the national council meeting this May.
The executive board and national council members must consider an old quote that conservative people/organizations unfairly have to face at the slightest mention of impropriety.
“It’s not the weight of the evidence that is important.  It’s the seriousness of the charges.”
(From SCOTUS Justice Thomas hearings)
    Charges of misconduct are often based upon little more than verbal accounts of incidents and arise years later.  Defense against these accusations is difficult at best due to the need to protect the accused and the emotional desire to comfort the victim.  Frequently the only recourse is to come to an agreement on a financial settlement that still tarnishes the organizations reputation.  If the decision is to change course and invite “Gay Individuals” to be accepted into the ranks of Troop Leaders… you may want to consider a good lawyer and a big wallet also!
    The BSA would do good to review the three pillars that support their organization:
1.)    Mission: To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout  Law.
(Should “as long as no resistance is met and no controversy arises” be added to this statement now)
2.)    Scout Oath: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
(Will the term “Morally Straight” be deemed offensive now and have to be removed regardless of its intent and meaning… how far behind will the removal of “God” be…)
3.)    Scout Law: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
(“Obedient and Reverent” both refer to Gods Law and the observation of religious principles the organization was founded upon, will the law have to change to accommodate, or add ”as seen fit”.)
    If the organization see’s it’s self as “evolving” or “modernizing” to align its self with today’s culture and expecting the transformation to be the cornerstone of a brighter future, they only need to look at the special interest, agenda driven public school system and all the wonderful advancement they have made over the past twenty, thirty years… Kids can’t figure out basic algebra equations… but at least they feel good about it.  Will the Scouts stand to live or die by their values or cower and kneel to pressure?       
    I have to take a moment for my own rant.  Being gay, contrary to the opinion of many is not a special class, worthy of emulation or special consideration.  Being gay is a behavior, same as drinking alcohol to excess, gambling to ones detriment or illicit drug dependency.  It’s a behavior that the individual is either unwilling or unable to control.  Like drinking, gambling and drug use, the gay behavior is acted out for one’s own gratification and desire without regards to the harm it may cause self or others.  If you question my grouping of gay with the other deviant behaviors and you have children (pretend if not) say these simple phrases.
1.)     I sure hope my little girl grows up to be an alcoholic.
2.)    Now that my son has a family I hope he gambles everything away till he destroys it.
3.)    I’ll make sure meth and crack are available just in case my child wants to try it.
4.)    I hope my child gets past this silly opposite sex dating thing and becomes gay.
    Did any of these make sense to you?  They’re just behaviors… but they are deviant behaviors that you wouldn’t wish upon your child.  I’m not saying you (or I) would love the child any less but inside we’d know something is inherently wrong with their behavior. 
    A doctor, nurse or pharmacist with a non-work related substance abuse incident (not even an addiction) are removed from their duties.  A retired baseball player with a gambling addiction is refused Hall of Fame consideration (who in the hell was he hurting).  But someone with a self-proclaimed uncontrolled deviant sexual behavior, that’s someone to put with children.
    I don’t quite get why the so called “LGBT community” is so bent on looking for legitimacy by demanding others to believe and set standards as they do.  Deep inside do they question their own behavior and beliefs themselves and need others to tell them it’s OK?
If you’re not happy with yourself…
Don’t look to me

Monday, February 4, 2013

Salesman of the Year

    This past weekend I drove into town to pick up a few odds and ends, nothing important, a new pair of carpenter jeans for work, a gallon of window washer fluid for the truck etc.… While I was browsing around I stopped by the sporting goods department for a fresh spool of fishing line (time to start getting ready for crappie) that’s when I noticed the case that normally stored ammunition was just about empty (maybe 12 boxes total).  I’ve been shopping at this particular store for close to 11 years, the ammo display case is 8’ tall and just as wide, in all the years I have never seen it less than fully stocked missing only 1 or 2 boxes from the stacks.  I had bought a Mossberg T715 from this store several months back, then the display cases with the rifles were full of choices, an easy 30 different models, now the cases were empty.  With a bit of concern that I was seeing some “Political Correctness” in action I asked the lady behind the counter if they were getting out of the “Gun Sales Business”.  She replied “Oh no, it’s just that as soon as we get anything in someone buy’s it.”

    I kind of liked that answer but being in a rural area with a long history of sporting gun activity I had figured most people interested in owning guns had them already.  I could see maybe a run on ammunition (I’ve been buying ammo a bit at a time for 4-5 years) but to see the firearms being bought up in these quantities in this area leads me to one conclusion; People who had never thought of owning a weapon have now found a need for one.  Reading the local paper it’s not the crime rate, there was one DUI and a dog is missing.  Looking at the hunting seasons looks like Indiana is on the tail end of rabbit season so I don’t think that sparked the massive interest.  Why then?  Simple, it’s a matter of trust, the people of my local community reflect the national response to Obama’s poorly thought out plan to use a tragedy to further his long held desire to subvert the Constitution of the United States, one section at a time…  His attempted tug on an emotional response was so blatantly obvious that it opened the eyes of many American citizens that had previously sat oblivious to what has been going on around them.  Pew Research Center has released a poll (taken Jan. 9-13) one of the questions asked “Does the Federal government threaten your personal rights & freedoms” a whopping 53% answered Yes.  This does beg the question… Where were these folks in November?  Politically, the goal of the administrations agenda is the same as it was 4 years ago. 

    It’s been interesting to watch Obama’s… “Evolution” when answering questions regarding the sharp rise in firearm sales.  Initially he was indignant, stating that “Those who oppose any common sense gun control or gun safety measure have a pretty effective way of ginning up fear”.  Is that to say anyone not in full agreement with him lacks “common sense”?  Now with his most recent revelation “…up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time”.  So now he’s just one of the guy’s, a few beers and some clay pigeons on a relaxing afternoon.  Maybe he embellished a bit, more likely he meant to say, “I drove past a skeet range once”.  Either way, indignant or embellished, every time O opens his mouth on the subject of gun control he sends more people to the gun shops and more guns walk out the doors of these shops.  Just speculation but I would say it has been many years since the citizens of the United States have been this well-armed.

    I don’t know if the firearms/ammunition manufactures have an annual banquet or a convention and if so, do they give awards or recognition, Obama should be the top choice for Salesman of the Year (he could hang the plaque next to that peace prize thingy).

It took a while but they have the proof... We Be Skeet’n “… ALL THE TIME”
    The Tomcat
Side Note:  There is a rumor going around (started by me, just now) that Obama is going to give a speech calling for limiting access and reducing the size of solar panels and wind turbines… If Solyndra could have held on for just a little longer…