Monday, October 28, 2013

Sticks and Stones

    This is one of the stories I had written a few weeks back… I hit the save icon then ignored it.  Now that I have another story to add to it… it’s time to pull it back out.

Sticks and Stones

    Have you ever been with a group of people talking, maybe joking around when someone suddenly spits out a comment that you just didn’t understand but everybody else laughed, slapped their knees and almost doubled over… did you put a smirk on your face and give a little giggle as you looked at the others, hoping they didn’t catch on that you didn’t know what it was that they found so funny.  I know people who have to hide their (for the lack of a better word) ignorance every day, they hear the political speeches and sheepishly nod following the crowd, most of them are the old-school Democrats.  They think of the Democratic Party as the same party they started following in the mid 60’s, the 70’s maybe even the 80’s.

    Late in 2008 early 2009 references started to be made about the “TEA Party” rather than a political party like Republicans or Democrats, the TEA Party has no central organization and very limited uniform core doctrine.  T-E-A stands for Taxed Enough Already, the grassroots movement was built on the goal of reducing the national debt, reducing government spending, eliminating budget deficits and reducing taxes.  The movement is a blend of conservative and libertarian fiscal values but refrains from engaging in social issues and agendas (not always successfully). 

    The TEA Party works on fighting unchecked government growth and ever increasing interjection of government into all facets of individuals’ daily life, this has brought the anger of Progressives down upon them.  When Progressives talk about the TEA Party members they refer to them as “Teabaggers”… when you hear Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid even Obama say “TEABAGGERS” are the cause of this or “TEABAGGERS” are the cause of that, “TEABAGGERS” “TEABAGGERS” “TEABAGGERS” and you hear the crowd cheer, do you put on your half-hearted smirk, give a little giggle, let’s see if I can clear up the confusion for you, wipe away your ignorance.

TEABAGGER: A man that straddles a sex partners face and dips his scrotum/testicles in and out of their mouth as if dipping a teabag into a cup of hot water. 

    So to disparage a group of people, to belittle members of the Tea Party, Pelosi, Reid, Obama all feel free to repeatedly use this derogatory term day in and day out when talking about people that won’t fall in line behind them.  Would you be comfortable if public servants used other derogatory terms as openly when referring to another group?  Would you smirk at the word “Wetback”?  Would the word “Cunt” give you the same giggle?  What if a politician standing at the government’s (the peoples) podium said “Spook” or “Nigger” when talking about people that won’t fall in line behind them… acceptable???  Disparage a group of people, to belittle members, derogatory term day in and day out.

    Myself, I’m not associated with any TEA Party group but I agree with most all of their views and even if I didn’t I would still speak out against this open marginalization of people who are concerned with what is happening in our nation.  Now that you are no longer ignorant to the words being spit into your face… where do you stand?  I’ve been called worse, time for me to stand shoulder to shoulder with like-minded people and accept that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama are going to call me a “Teabagger”. Remember, for every “Teabagger” there must be a “TEABAGGEE” in the world of progressive politics in the end you fall into one of two categories, you’re either with them or against them.  If conservative/libertarians that don’t agree with them are “Teabaggers” I guess by default that makes them the… “TEABAGGEES”.


Until I wrote this, I never thought I’d use these words…
Speaking Truth to Power

More Name Calling

    During the first two weeks of October a select group of conservative politicians stood up and did exactly what they promised their constituents they would do… FIGHT OBAMACARE!  Mainly Senators, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee led this effort, they were sent to Washington by the voters of Texas and Utah to stop the damage Obamacare is causing and will cause.  For their efforts they were called Anarchist, Jihadist, Hostage-Takers, Political Arsenates, TEA Party Terrorist, etc… They were called out by all levels of the Democratic Party and the “Lap Dog” mainstream media.  That was to be expected but what wasn’t to be expected was the same behavior by members of the Republican Party.  Of all the issues that should have had a united front from the so called “Conservatives” this was the one.

    The defund tactic was the second to the last chance to stop Obamacare (the last chance at limiting its damage), then the option offered to delay implementation could have given breathing room to both sides to negotiate.  Myself, I preferred the defund rout but if that failed I’m ready to go for the last chance to stop Ocare, full implementation…  This program will collapse and it will cause a massive amount of damage, economic and otherwise.  You can only tell the child so many times “Don’t Touch the Stove” before its time to kick the stepstool up to the stove and be ready to pick-up the pieces.  The offer to delay only meant another year of telling the child “Don’t Touch the Stove”.  Now that the preverbal stepstool has been kicked up to the stove some of the children are having second thoughts.

    One week after the bitter attacks, name calling and threats lodged against Senator Cruz, Lee and others by the Media, the Democrats and the Republican Leadership, at least ten (likely more) Democrats led by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Sen. Jeannen Shaheen (D-N.H.) have now called for either an outright delay or an extension to the deadline, the same call made by Cruz and Lee.  Funny thing about the words “Delay” and “Extension” they both mean to postpone… Do we hear the words Anarchist, Jihadist, Hostage-Takers, Political Arsenates, etc… used to describe the Democrats now asking to postpone the Obamacare individual mandate?  No, now we hear words like prudent, measured, sensible and of all things, wise.  I find it simply astonishing that a “D” or “R” following a name can be covered so differently.

    Even Obama one week later is flirting with delaying the implementation of select parts of his signature debacle… the mid-term elections are just around the corner.  Can the Democratic Representatives, the Senators due re-election withstand the imposed public pain?  Gauging by their frantic calls for implementation delay, apparently not.  Will the Republican leadership face fall-out for their decision to undercut Senators Cruz and Lee?  I certainly hope so.  Note to the establishment Republicans:  Your decision to “Runaway and live to fight another day” seems to have become the parties default stance, in the end you’ve become little more than Democrat-Lite.  Since you (the Republican Party) cannot be counted on to promote my values and principles, my full support will go to candidates endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund and having family/friends in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is as good a person as any to start with.

    The Senate Conservatives Fund has endorsed Louisville businessman Matt Bevin to replace McConnell in the U.S. Senate to represent the people of Kentucky.  I highly recommend all family and friends take a moment to visit Mr. Bevin’s web site  then please ask your family/friends to do the same and if you have considered donating to a political organization please consider donating to the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF).
    Another early endorsement by the SCF is for Chris McDaniel over incumbent Republican Sen. Thad Cochran from Mississippi.  Yes, taking the Senate is the goal but first we need to clean our own house…


  1. Excellently said Thomas, even if I feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap from just reading. I can't imagine how you felt having to write those words- but I completely understand your points and need to lay it out so clear.
    This goes a little along the same vein of thought I had in my Conscience/Thought/Speech article. I mentioned some of the names (I'm not an official TEA Party member either, but like you, have much in common with them, and Constitutional Freedom Party hasn't yet gotten on the progressive radar) we've been called. Freedom of speech is fine for the left, but anything from the right is hateful and intolerant.
    I know a few folks- old Dems who believe the new Dems are the same party. God help them when they finally wake up and see that theirs is the party of true hate.

  2. Oh wow Tom!! You literally had me jumping and laughing with "how do you like these nuts Nancy"
    As always, you have seen straight to the core of the issue. I applaud you!
    Keep your powder dry, your friends friends and family close and your eyes open.

  3. If a duplicate message is generated, I apologise.
    Tom, you had me jumping up and down laughing when I read "how do you like these NUTS Nancy?" I find it amusing and alltogether appropriate you deemed them TEABAGGIES!! It takes two to tango and the name callers seem to forget that.

    Well done as always! you have cut through the fog of DC chicancery, pierced their bubble and gone straight for the juggular of truth.

    Keep your powder dry, your family and friends close and your eyes peeled.

  4. Awesome Tom well said with much class. Embarrassing to say, as a republican suffering in a den of the vilest corrupt demoncrats, I am the one name calling as their Noise is intentionally hurting worst than the sticks and stones ever did. On an endnote I want to say thank you very much for sharing the Stand, I read it three times, and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

  5. Sad to think no one really stands on principle and the ones that do (like Ron Paul) are grinned at like "you idiot" by Democrats and foolishly shunned by the TEA Party. Which by the way Ron Paul played a huge part of founding.The TEA Party/Republicans are one and the same to Democrats. Cold hearted, not for the people but only for their own selfish interest.Until the GOP chooses a man that makes a difference in a huge number of welfare recepients/illegal aliens/unemployed and human rights activist lives they can kiss the next election good-bye now. Abortion is wrong but should this always be an issue in every election? That needs to be removed completely from every debate. This country has bigger problems worthy of consideration. For God sakes if some dumb bimbo will vote to turn this country around for a 6 month supply of birth control pills I say give the damn things to her. As for the TEA Party we need to face it- they have about as much chance as a snowball in hell of swaying any liberal libtard votes. The search should be on for a black Libertarian with a trail of making a difference for the next three years in the media for the groups of people as mentioned above.